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Information About GTU Molecular Biology and Genetics Internship Program

In this text, the summer internship program, internship forms and the workflows of MBG students for all kinds of internship applications are explained in detail, and contact addresses fort he program and internship information 'M. Teams' channel link has been given.

 1. GTU Molecular Biology and Genetics Department Summer Internship Program Applications

Application announcements for summer internships in our department are announced on the MBG department page at the beginning of 'April and May' every year. Although internships are not accepted during the semester or between the semesters, if the academic staff in charge of the laboratory accepts the internship between the semesters, the acceptance of the interns is made by the laboratory supervisor. Applications should be made directly to the faculty members in our department as stated below. At the end of the application period, the list of students accepted by the faculty members will be published in the 'Announcements' section of the MBG section page. In this announcement, the names and contact information of faculty members from our department as well as from other departments or institutes who may accept intern students within the scope of this program, although they are not faculty members in our department, are announced. 

After the announcement of the application announcement, candidates, including Gebze Technical University Students, who want to apply, must submit a letter of intent (sample), transcript, CV and two reference letters   (documents containing the contact addresses of the reference persons) must be send to the faculty members working in their fields of interest, s a single PDF file via e-mail.

You can find information about research laboratories or academic staff in our department from the links below.

Research Laboratories

Academic Staff

 NOTE: Candidates applying from outside of GTU are required to bring an insurance document. Students who cannot bring an insurance document are not legally allowed to do internships, even if they are accepted.

2. Internship Procedures of GTU MBG Students

Click here to access the renewed internship directive in PDF format (You can find answers to your questions about the execution and evaluation of the internship process in that document.)

To join “M. Teams” team for internship information and meeting click the following link. https://teams.microsoft.com/l/team/19%3a3axLMyjBbPgmcZ1X9NXRk_nDQDqwvzAbLJOh2M0u5WI1%40thread.tacv2/conversations?groupId=08cf4242-33f0-4d3b-ac25-3c456abfcc89&tenantId=066690f2-a8a6-4889-852e-124371dcbd6f

In that channel, most recent announcements are published in advance they are published on the GTU-MBG web site  and answers are given to common questions.

Please ask your questions about the internship to Research Assistant Betül Ertural at bertural@gtu.edu.tr, and  for consultation about the documents and ask questions about documents to Research Assistant Emrah ÖZÇELİK at the address eozcelikgtu.edu.tr


- In all kinds of optional or compulsory internships, the Internship Notebook and the Internship Evaluation Form must be submitted to the Department Secretariat after the internship is completed. Any internship that is not kept in the internship book cannot be evaluated. A notice of 'Internship I, Internship II or Optional Internship and number of internship days' should be written on the cover of the notebook by the student. 

- Internship book and Internship Evaluation Form must be submitted to the Department secretariat after the completion of the ERASMUS internship. It will written on the transcript of these people that they did the compulsory internship within the scope of the ERASMUS Internship program. For this reason, the note " ERASMUS Internship " on the cover of the internship book should be written by the student.

- While the ERASMUS program procedures of the students who do internship with the ERASMUS program are carried out by the ERASMUS office, all the student's transactions regarding our department must be done independently of the processing of the ERASMUS forms. This process is essential for your internship to be recorded on the transcript.

- Students doing internships in any other program (including the STAR program) must fulfill the 'compulsory  or optional internship application' process given below in order for their internship to be counted as a compulsory or optional internship.

-Internship applications must be completed one week before the start date of the Internship. This period is necessary for the insurance entry.  For the summer internship, the application deadline will be limited by the announcements in the GTU-MBG web page

- Internship notebooks are filled in English and a Turkish Abstract not exceeding 1 page is attached (Summary is not counted as a part of internship days).

- Mandatory Internships can be done as 25-15, 20-20 or 40 days at a time.

-Volunteer (optional internships) must be at least 15 days or after 15 days in multiples of 5 (Ex. 20, 25, 30, 35, 40..).

- Internships cannot be done within the dates of the academic calendar. However, students who have completed their 8th semester and are in the 9th and subsequent semesters can do internship on the days they do not take courses.

- In case the workplace where the internship is performed is also active on weekends (Saturday-Sunday), the student can do internship at the weekend, provided that it does not coincide with the official holidays. The student must indicate this situation with a document approved by the internship manager. However, a maximum of 6 days of internship can be done in a week (This also applies to internships abroad).


You can reach the relevant documents from the links below. Only one of the forms in Article 2 should be filled.

1.Staj fişi (A- FR-0076_Staj_Fisi)

For English Version: FR-0076 Student Internship Form


2a. Staj Zorunluluk belgesini (B- FR-0338_Staj-_Zorunluluk_Belgesi)

2b. Temel Bilimler Fakültesi Staj Belgesi-FR-0336 (Gönüllü Staj İçin)


3. Staj kabul belgesi (C- FR-0337_Staj_Yeri_Kabul Belgesi)

For English VersionFR-0221 MBG İntership Acceptance Letter


4FR-0069 Staj Defteri Kapak   

For English Version: (FR-0069 Internship Logbook Cover)    


5. FR-0077 Staj Ücretlerine İşsizlik Fonu Katkısı Formu  


6 FR-0080 Staj Değerlendirme Belgesi-Anketi

For English Version: FR-0080 Intern Evaluation Form for Place of Internship


7FR-0185 Stajı Değerlendirme Anketi 

For English Version: (FR-0185 Internship Evaluation Form for Students)


8.FR-0186 Stajyerin Kurumu Değerlendirme Anketi

For English Version:  (FR-0186 Place of Internship Evaluation Form for Students)


9. FR-0078 Staj Beyan Talep Dilekçesi (This form is used only when an approved internship document to be requested by official institutions about previous internships. For the form to be declared to the institution applied during internship acceptance or interviews,  please use one of the following forms: 2a. Internship Obligation document (B- FR-0338_Internship-_Obligation_Document) or 2b. Faculty of Basic Sciences. Internship Document-FR-0336 (For Voluntary Internship). Internships information can be already found in the transcript or graduation certificate).


See above for English versions of the forms.

Important Note: Our students, who are Star scholarship holders and want to have their internships counted as compulsory or optional internships, must write a STAR SCHOLARSHIP note visible on the top right of the INTERNSHIP Slip, and verbally inform the Dean’s office personnel Sultan Önkol (for contact see: https://www.gtu.edu.tr/kategori/196/0/display.aspx) that they are a STAR scholarship holder while submitting their documents to the Faculty of Basic Sciences.

1- 1.Staj fişi (A- FR-0076_Staj_Fisi) After completing this form and getting the signature of the Internship commission head (Doç.Dr.Özlem AKKAYA) or one of the members (Dr. Mine GÜL ŞEKER), the signature is taken from the head of the department.

2- Depending on the compulsory or voluntary internship status, one of the following documents is filled in and this document is submitted to the office personnel Meral ERYİĞİT/Sultan ÖNKOL (for contact see: https://www.gtu.edu.tr/kategori/196/0/display.aspx ) at the dean's office together with the completed internship slip.

2a. Staj Zorunluluk belgesini (B- FR-0338_Staj-_Zorunluluk_Belgesi)

2b. Temel Bilimler Fakültesi Staj Belgesi-FR-0338 (Gönüllü Staj İçin)

3- The internship document form in the 2nd article is given to the place where the internship will take place (after getting the signature from the dean's office). In return for this, the Internship Acceptance Certificate filled by the intern 3. Staj kabul belgesi (C- FR-0337_Staj_Yeri_Kabul Belgesi) is approved by the trainee's authority and delivered to Meral ERYİĞİT/Sultan ÖNKOL at the Dean's Office by the intern.

Note: Internship forms on behalf of the Dean Assistant Dean  Doç.Dr.Oğul ESEN is signed.

4-  4. FR-0069 Staj Defteri Kapak  is given to the intern by Meral Eryiğit.

5- The intern also submits 5. FR-0077 Staj Ücretlerine İşsizlik Fonu Katkısı Formu from the dean's office to Sultan Önkol and the insurance entry is made by Sultan Önkol.

6- The Intern performs his/her Internship between the dates written in the Internship Slip and takes notes in the internship notebook. Each page in the internship book is stamped and signed by the internship location official.

7- In addition, at the end of the internship, the intern representative fills out the questionnaire showing the evaluation of the internship (7. FR-0080 Staj Değerlendirme Belgesi-Anketi ) and gives it to the intern in an envelope with signature and stamp, and the intern puts this envelope in the internship notebook.

Thus, the internship is completed actively.

8-  FR-0185 Stajı Degerlendirme Anketi  For English Version: (FR-0185 Internship Evaluation Form for Students) is filled in by the student and added to the Internship Notebook.

9-  FR-0186 Stajyerin Kurumu Değerlendirme Anketi  For English Version: FR-0186 Place of Internship Evaluation Form for Students) is filled in by the student and added to the Internship Notebook.

10- When the semester starts (within 15 days), the intern must submit the internship book with each page signed in the cover of the internship book, which was taken from the dean's office before the internship, and the document in which the internship of the student is evaluated by the internship place official in the envelope. 6.  FR-0080 Staj Değerlendirme Belgesi-Anketi and The student must submit the completed questionnaire to the 7. FR-0185 Stajı Degerlendirme Anketito the department secretariat.

Internship I, Internship II or Optional Internship notice must be written by the student as it can be seen on the Internship Book Cover.

11-  The Internship Committee checks the internship books within two months after the start of the semester and announces the admission list or the announcement of the deficiencies in the 'Announcements' section of the Department Page.

12- After the objections are resolved, the Accepted Internship information is submitted to the Faculty Administrative Board and processed on the transcript by student affairs. Check your transcripts for your internship before next semester starts.


Last Update Date: 04.05.2023

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