Gebze Technical University (GTU), which achieved the status of "research university" in 2017 and is listed among the public research universities in Turkey, whose number has reached 20 as of 2021, is a young and dynamic university intertwined with organized industrial zones and technoparks thanks to its location.

GTU, which contributes to international sciences being listed in the leading positions of the university rankings made by various ranking institutions, aims to keep its position accelerating its research and university-industry collaboration impetus. 

In order to achieve its aforementioned goal, GTU, with its academic and administrative staff that embraces its mission and vision as a research university and its internationally competitive undergraduate and graduate students and researchers, sets it sight on using its strong capacity and resources and enhancing this capacity and resources by following the latest emerging technologies; supporting regional and national industry through university-industry collaboration and establishing sustainable collaborations; using and transforming its existing knowledge to the benefit of the society and economy. 


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