Institute of Biotechnology


GTU Institute of Biotechnology continues education and public/industry supported national/international research and innovation studies with Biotechnology Master's and Doctorate programs under 3 options as Health Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology and Plant Biotechnology. Our institute, which emphasizes bioeconomy and bioentrepreneurship in Turkey and prioritizes industry and R&D projects, also maintains training and certificate programs in the field of Bioentrepreneurship and Bioeconomy. In our institute, researches on a wide range of subjects such as biosensors, diagnostic kits, biomaterials and tissue engineering, biotechnological drugs and cell engineering, agricultural biotechnology, biofortification and fertilizer technologies, medicinal and aromatic plants, functional food/feed additives, bioprocess engineering, recombinant protein and enzyme production and industry partnership studies are carried out.

GTU Institute of Biotechnology also includes the ÖBEK (Original Bio-Economy Resources) Excellence Laboratory, which brings together expert academics from different disciplines from the leading universities of the region and our country, and industrial organizations operating in different sectors. With this center of excellence, carried out by the Gebze Technical Education and Research Foundation (GTEAV) supported by the Eastern Marmara Development Agency and coordinated by the GTU Institute of Biotechnology, it evaluates the bio-economy resources in all of Turkey, especially the eastern Marmara, and puts them into the service of the economy and industry.

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