Institute of Information Technologies

Gebze Technical University's Institute of Information Technologies conducts qualified research and development activities in the field of information technology at national and international levels from an industrial perspective. The institute aims to work in collaboration with GTU's Department of Computer Engineering and other departments, domestic and foreign universities, public institutions, research centers, and companies in the information sector. In line with the importance of interdisciplinary work today, our institute aims to bring together researchers and resources from different fields to open the way for joint studies. The Institute, established in 2014 with Law No. 6562, conducts research on information technology applications in all dimensions of human development. The mission of the Institute of Information Technologies is to create an interdisciplinary platform that will encourage research and education in all fields of information technology.


The Institute aims to contribute to the development of our country's productivity by providing competent, creative, entrepreneurial, ethical, and socially responsible individuals who contribute to contemporary science and technology developments in the light of universal values. It aims to adopt a transparent and accountable management that values academic ethics and establishes a connection between its employees and social stakeholders.


The vision of the Institute of Information Technologies is to be an academically strong and socially impactful institute that conducts internationally recognized research activities and works towards university-industry collaboration. It aims to become a leading institute in promoting social development.

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