Scientific Advisory Committee

In line with the Institute's mission and vision, our Scientific Advisory Committee consisting of leading national and international scholars and representatives from the leading companies in biotechnology sector are as follows since 2023:

Prof. Dr. Asif Ali Khan

Vice Chancellor, MNS University of Agriculture, Multan

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Research Interests: DNA extraction, plant growth under stress, seed production



Co-Founder of Alethina Impact Initiatives

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Research Interests: Spreading impact investment and developing new models


Prof. Dr. Dilek KAZAN

Marmara University Bioengineering Department Lecturer, BacPolyZyme Bioengineering Ltd. Co-Founder of the Company

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Research Interests: Industrial Biotechnology, enzyme and fermentation technologies, biomaterials, biopolymer production, bioprocess design






Faculty Member of ITU Chemical Engineering Department, President of Sustainable Production and Consumption Association


Research Interests: biorefinery technology (Biofuels; Biochemicals; Biopower Production), with the title of clean production technologies, lubricating oils, waste upcycle, life cycle evaluation and ecodesign, sustainable production-consumption-service; bioindustrial products; renewable energy applications; adding value to waste, sustainability management in industry, product carbon and water footprint reduction; green, circular and digital transformation; renewing the ecosystem; climate change








İbrahim OĞUZ

Food Ethics (TARGET), Agricultural Journalists and Writers Association (TAGYAD) and Geographical Indications Association Founding Member, ZMO Member

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Research Interests: Food ethics, agricultural investments and irrigation systems, sustainability, climate change



Meddenovo Pharmaceutical Research and Consultancy Inc. METU Technopolis

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Research Interests: Computational Biochemistry, QM, QM/MM, MD, molecular docking, drug discovery and repositioning




Bloomberg HT Agriculture and Food Editor/Server Newspaper Oxygen Writer

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Research Interests: Research and special interviews for the energy, agriculture and food sectors


Prof. Dr. İsmail ÇAKMAK

Faculty Member at Sabancı University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

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Research Interests: Mineral nutrition of plants, uptake, transport and accumulation of heavy metals in plants; the role of plant nutrients in resilience to stress conditions and the relationships between plant nutrition and human health.



Prof. Dr. İvet BAHAR

Head of the Stony Brook University School of Medicine Laufer Research Center for Physical and Computational Biology

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Research Interests: Modeling of biomolecular structure and dynamics, evaluation of genetic data for personal therapy and drug design



Dr. Süreyya Mert SELİMOĞLU

Cargill – Turkey Company Business Development Department, Process Development Coordinator

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Research Interests: production of products for different sectors with the use of mammalian cells, yeasts, bacteria and fungi



Founder of MRT Consultancy 

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Research Interests: Plant nutrition and soilless agriculture (greenhouse), vertical agriculture, soilless agriculture, fertilizers and fertilization, production, management and investment consultancy in agricultural enterprises.


Doç. Dr. Mustafa TÜRKER

Pakmaya Company R&D and Environment Manager, ITU Molecular Biology and Genetics Department Part-Time Lecturer

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Research Interests: Industrial biotechnology, yeast and bacterial fermentations, organic acids, drying and environmental biotechnology




Lecturer in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, University of Exeter, Director of the Exeter Center for Cytomics

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Research Interests: cytometry, cellular signaling, biomarker discovery, preclinical research, microbiology and marine cytometry




Ecz. Selman ALİMOĞLU

Orzaks Group of Companies Chairman of the Board, Nuvita İlaç A.Ş. Head of R&D, Chairman of Alimoğlu Health and Education Foundation

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Research Interests: Pharmaceutical chemistry




Prof. Dr. Sezai ELAGÖZ

ASELSAN R&D Management Deputy General Manager

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Research Interests: Nanotechnology, nanophotonics application, condensed matter physics




Prof. Dr. Utkan Demirci

Stanford University, Professor, Stanford Medical School Director of the Canary Center for Early Diagnosis of Cancer

CV LinkedIn Standford University

Research Interests: Bioengineering, developing innovative extracellular vesicle isolation tools, point-of-care technologies and creating microfluidic platforms for early cancer detection with broad applications to multiple diseases including infertility and HIV, academic entrepreneurship



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