Industry Collaborations


The Glass R&D Greenhouse, which was opened on October 26, 2020 within the framework of the Gübretaş - GTÜ cooperation protocol, and the R&D Greenhouse Laboratory established with the support of the Pendik Industrialists and Businessmen's Association, accelerated the R&D activities within the framework of the Industry-Academy Cooperation.



Currently, there are 2 TÜBİTAK 2244 Industry Doctorate Programs in force with Gübretaş and Nobel İlaç, besides, Cooperation Protocols with many industrial organizations are active.

In addition, R&D collaborations with MAYSA, MarinBio, Mavruz Tarım are continuing. In this context, the R&D experience needed by the industry is urgently shared within the scope of cooperation projects. In accordance with the mission and objectives of GTÜ Biotechnology Institute, project collaborations on production in competitive sectors contribute to production.

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