Guest Speakers


Speaker Presentation Headline Date
2022-2023 SPRING
Dr. Saadet ALPDAĞTAŞ Synthetic Biology for Circular Economy 19.07.2023
Dr. Hüseyin ÇİMEN A Proteomics Approach for the Deregulation of Energy Metabolism in Cancer 19.07.2023
Dr. Arzu YILDIRIM A journey from Plant to Microalgae Biotechnology 18.07.2023
Dr. E. Aytunga ARIK KİBAR Protein Diversification: Plant Proteins 6.06.2023
Prof. Dr. Narçin PALAVAN ÜNSAL Bilimin Renkleri Sergisi 25.06.2023
Dr. Engin BAYRAM Bioanalytics of Life: Analysis of Biomolecules 18.05.2023
Can ATACIK Impact Investing and Entrepreneurship in the World and in Turkey 11.05.2023
Doç. Dr. Hasan Ufuk ÇELEBİOĞLU Proteomics and Molecular Studies on Host-Microbe-Diet Interactions 4.05.2023
Erdem GÜNSÜR Biotechnology, Material Science and Design: Regenerative Revolution Across Industries 6.04.2023
Erhan AK Fark Labs: From Local to Global 23.03.2023
Dr. Seçil EROĞLU Elucidating The Role Of Rac1 Signalling On The Regulation Of Autophagy During Mammary Gland Development 16.03.2023
Dr. Pelin ÖZFİLİZ KILBAŞ Deficiency of antiapoptotic Bag-1 increased mesenchymal properties of MCF-7 breast cancer cells 9.03.2023
2022-2023 FALL
Dr. Volkan PELİTLİ Döngüsel Ekonomiye Doğru Sürdürülebilir Atık Yağ Yönetimi 5.01.2023
Dr. Hansu Jülide KÖROĞLU Ilık Karışım Asfalt Teknolojileri  5.01.2023
Dr. Pınar UYSAL ONGANER microRNA Regulation in Cancer 22.12.2022
Dr. Öznur TAŞTAN Machine Learning for Molecules and Diseases 15.12.2022
Dr. Banu KOCAAĞA Evaluation of Pectin-Based Sustained-Release, Hemostatic, Shear Thinning Tydrogels for Wound Healing Applications with in vitro, in silico, and in vivo Approaches 1.12.2022
Prof. Dr. Filiz KARAOSMANOĞLU Sustainability Management 24.11.2022
Kevser Betül KALYON TÜGİP: A New Approach in the Innovation Processes of the Food Industry in Türkiye 17.11.2022
Dr. Banu İYİSAN Design of Nanocarriers for Drug Delivery and Diagnostic Applications 10.11.2022
Dr. Saadet ALPDAĞTAŞ Biotech Applications are Waiting to be Adapted to Industry: A background Story between Academia and Industry 27.10.2022
Asst. Prof. Dr. Seyit KALE Allosteric Regulation of Nucleosome Dynamics via Epigenetic and Physical Factors 27.11.2022
Prof. Dr. Burcu ÖZSOY Polar Research 20.10.2022
Dr. Erdem TEZCAN  Bio-innovation and its applications on plant tissue culture, disinfectants and microbiota 6.10.2022
2021-2022 SPRING
Prof. Dr. Gözde İNCE Templated Vapor Deposition Methods for Fabrication of Functional Nanostructures 2.06.2022
Doç. Dr. Barbaros ÇETİN Microfluidic Systems for Biotechnology 26.05.2022
Doç. Dr. M. Asif Khan Bioinformatics for Vaccine Target Discovery 12.05.2022
Dr. İlke UĞUR MARION Molecular Modelling Techniques in Modern Drug Design 21.04.2022
Asst. Prof. Dr. Merve SEVEN Plant Cell Walls: The Potential 14.04.2022
Doç. Dr. Bora GARİPCAN Mimicking Nature for Designing Biomaterials 7.04.2022
Prof. Dr. Dilek TELCİ TEMELTAŞ Importance of Tissue Transglutaminase Transamidation and GTP Binding Activity on Metastatic Potential and Drug Response in Renal Cell Carcinoma 31.03.2022
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi M. Erkan KARABEKMEZ Microbial Community Modeling with Genome Scale Metabolic Models 17.03.2022
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Pınar HATIR ÇAKIR Bioinspired Functional Polymers and Nanomaterials 10.03.2022
2021-2022 FALL
Selen ŞENAL, M.Sc. Biodiesel Production from Chlorella vulgaris ESP-6 23.12.2021
Doç. Dr. Nur Başak SÜRMELİ-ERALTUĞ Directed Evolution of a Thermophilic Cytochrome P450 Enzyme to Increase H2O2-Dependent Activity and Characterization of Novel Improved Variant 16.12.2021
Doç. Dr. Aslıhan ÇETİNBAŞ-GENÇ Evaluation of pollen performance 9.12.2021
Asst. Prof. Dr. Christopher Mayack Chemical biomarkers that can accurately predict honey bee health factors 18.11.2021
Doç. Dr. Kutay İçöz  Personalized Microfluidics : A Lab-on-chip for MRD 11.11.2021
Halil BEŞKARDEŞLER- Ahmet GÜNEY Türkiye ve Dünyada Kapalı Alan Dikey Tarımı 4.11.2021
Asst. Prof. Dr. Fatih TARLAK Use of Predictive Food Microbiology to Determine the Shelf-life of Foods 21.10.2021
Doç. Dr.Ceren Çıracı Muğan  NOD-like Receptors in shaping adaptive and innate immune responses 14.10.2021
Asst. Prof. Dr. Fatma Gizem AVCI Antimicrobial Drug Discovery 7.10.2021
2020-2021 SPRING
Prof. Dr. Remziye YILMAZ Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Plants and Derived Food and Feed 27.05.2021
Doç. Dr. İsmail ÖÇSOY Nanomaterials as versatile tools in Nanomedicine 20.05.2021
Dr. Müge KESİCİ Plants as Biomaterials; an interdisciplinary approach 6.05.2021
Prof. Dr. Ebru Demet AKDOĞAN Giant Workers in Cells: Proteins and Their Specific Dynamic Structures 29.04.2021
Dr. Ramazan KARADUMAN Biotechnological Drug Development  and Manufacturing 22.04.2021
Prof. Dr. Dilek KAZAN  Extremophiles for the Production of Biobased Materials 15.04.2021
Dr. Can DİNCER  Disposable sensors for next-generation on-site testing 8.04.2021
 Prof. Dr. Kerem PEKKAN  Cardiovascular Biology, Engineering and Devices 1.04.2021
Doç. Dr. Mustafa GUZEL Current Studies of Drug Discovery 25.03.2021
Prof. Dr. Ajda ÇOKER GÜRKAN Synthesis, characterization and anti-carcinogenic effects of X-aptamers against Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) 18.03.2021
Doç. Dr. Burcu ÖZSOY Polar Research and Climate Change 11.03.2021
2020-2021 FALL
Doç. Dr.Saliha DİNÇ  Applications of Carbon Dots in Nanobiotechnology  7.01.2021
Doç. Dr. Pınar OBAKAN YERLİKAYA Epibrassinolide: not just for plants anymore 24.12.2020
Asst. Prof. Işıl TULUM Synthetic Biology and Minimal Genome Concept 17.12.2020
Doç. Dr. Seda KIZILEL  Multifunctional Particle Carriers for Molecule and Cell Delivery 10.12.2020
Asst. Prof. Dr. Eftâl ŞEHİRLİ ECG Signal Analysis and Classification of Cardiovascular Diseases 3.12.2020
Asst. Prof. Ömer AYDIN Nanotheranostics and Its Applications in Medicine 26.11.2020
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahu ARSLAN YILDIZ Bioinspired Engineering Approaches for 3D Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering 19.11.2020
Doç. Dr. Şebnem ERÇELEN CEYLAN  Polymeric Nanocarriers for Non-viral Gene Delivery 12.11.2020
Asst. Prof. Aslı KUTLU Protein Engineering Studies in Biotechnological Research 5.11.2020
Özgü BAYRAK -  Dr. Haluk CAMCI  DNA İzolasyonu ve Real-time PCR 22.10.2020
Asst. Prof. Murat Topuzoğulları  Synthetic Polymers for Bio-applications 15.10.2020
2019-2020 SPRING
Doç. Dr. Mine ERGÜVEN A nanotechnology-based, leukemia cell selective agent design:  the enhancement of successful treatment response 12.03.2020
Asst. Prof. Emrah EROĞLU Discordance between eNOS phosphorylation and activation revealed by multispectral imaging and chemogenetic methods 5.03.2020
Dr. Yelda Birinci Development of nano-based therapeutics in medicine 27.02.2020
2019-2020 FALL
Dr. Bora GARİPCAN Surface Engineering Strategies for the Controlled Cell-Substrate Interactions 26.12.2019
Asst. Prof. Mehmet ÖZBİL Computational Techniques in Biotechnological Research 19.12.2019
Dr. Hayati BAŞARAN Analysis of Biotechnological Product Trade in the World Trade System 12.12.2019
Alper İŞERİ - 5.12.2019
Dr. Alperen Çagatay SERDAROĞLU Secretome and Surface Proteome Analysis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia derived cell lines to identify RTK inhibitor resistance mechanism 28.11.2019
Dr. Beste TURANLI Drug Repositioning for Efficient Cancer Therapy  by the Employment of Systems Biology 21.11.2019
Prof. Dr. Ebru TOKSOY ÖNER Halophiles and the Saline World: Are Fructans the Key to Survive? 14.11.2019
Dr. Ebuzer KALYONCU A Synthetic Biology Approach For Engineered Functional Biofilms 7.11.2019
Emine YILMAZ Biosimilarity and Biosimilar Development 31.10.2019
Mehtap SAHAN - Özlem ÖZTEKİN - Özgü BAYRAK 350 yıllık deneyimin, laboratuvar iş akışındaki güvenilir çözümleri 24.10.2019
Prof. Dr. Fevziye ÇELEBI-TOPRAK Modern Plant Breeding 17.10.2019
Asst. Prof. Dr. Christopher MAYACK Developing a CRISPR-cas9 system for honey bees to be used as a model organism for neurobiology research 10.10.2019
Asst. Prof. Dr. Tuğrul Tolga DEMİRTAŞ  Bioprinting of 3-D functional tissue models 3.10.2019
2018-2019 SPRING
Cem ERDEM FloraBio – What Are We Working On? 19.05.2019
Doç.Dr. Filiz VARDAR Programmed Cell Death in Plants 9.05.2019
Asst. Prof. Dr. Emre AKSOY Transition from Basic to Applied Science in Understanding of Biofortification and Phytoremediation in Plants 2.05.2019
MAY Seed Compay Molecular and Conventıonal Breedıng Programs in MAY Seed Company 25.04.2019
Prof. Dr. Bahattin KOÇ 3D Bioprinting for Tissue/Organ Engineering 18.04.2019
Asst. Prof. Dr. Ogün ADEBALİ Circadian Clock-Controlled Nucleotide Excision Repair Maps 11.04.2019
Dr. Angela GIANGRANDE The Connection Between Nervous and Immune System in Drosophila Melanogaster 5.04.2019
Dr. Mustafa TÜRKER Yeast Biotechnology: Diversity and Industrial Applications 4.04.2019
Dr. Dilşad YURDAKUL Bacterial Effects In Colon Cancer 28.03.2019
Dr. Sercan KARAV Multi-omics Approaches for Understanding the Glycocompetence of  Human Gut Microbiome 21.03.2019
Asst. Prof. Dr. Cem ALBAYRAK Protein engineering with an expanded set of amino acids 14.03.2019
Prof. Borys WRÓBEL Bioinspired complex systems: evolving genetic networks and spiking neural networks in artificial life 7.03.2019
Dr. Sibel ÇETİNEL Bio-nanotechnology approaches for the treatment of ocular disorders 28.02.2019
Dr. Ramazan KARADUMAN As AbdiBio, where we are at Biosimilars? 19.02.2019
2018-2019 FALL
Dr. Elif SEYMOUR A microarray-based immunosensor for rapid and robust detection of viral pathogens 27.12.2018
Doç. Dr. Turgay ÇAKMAK  Element manipulation of growth medium for microalgal biodiesel feedstock production 20.12.2018
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Bahar Soğutmaz ÖZDEMİR  Application of Biotechnological Tools for the Improvement of Agricultural Productivity 13.12.2018
Prof. Dr. H. Zafer GÜNEY  Monoclonal Antibodies and Adverse Effects 6.12.2018
Dr. Tolga SÜTLÜ   Antigen-specific Natural Killer cells for cancer immunotherapy 29.11.2018
Doç. Dr. Emin Bülent ERENOĞLU Plant Nutrition in Sustainable Plant Production 22.11.2018
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Urartu Özgür Şafak ŞEKER Synthetic Genetic Circuits for Self-Actuated Cellular Devices 15.11.2018
Prof. Dr. Devrim PESEN OKVUR  Breast Cancer Cells and Macrophages in a Paracrine-Juxtacrine Loop 8.11.2018
 Prof. Dr. İbrahim Halil KAVAKLI  Discovery of a CLOCK-binding small molecule that enhances circadian rhythm 1.11.2018
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Handan ERTÜRK  Research on Microalgae Production for Biodiesel and Biofertilizer Applications 25.10.2018
Ümit FIRAT  Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology - Turkey: Case Study  IONTEK BIOTECHNOLOGY 18.10.2018
Doç. Dr. Levent ÖZTÜRK  How is Global Climate Change Affecting Agricultural Food Production and Human Nutrition? 11.10.2018
2017-2018 SPRING
Prof. Dr. Işıl AKSAN KURNAZ What is Global Young Academy? 24.05.2018
Doç. Dr. Kıvanç BİLECEN  Molecular Diagnostics: New Perspectives for Old Problems 17.05.2018
Prof. Dr. Selim ÇETİNER  Genetically Modified Organisms: Food Security and Modern Biotechnology in the 21st Century 10.05.2018
Dr. Hasan Ümit ÖZTÜRK  Biosimilars: Starting from scratch to drug 3.05.2018
Prof. Dr. İsmail ÇAKMAK  Hidden Hunger and Biofortification of Cereals with Micronutrients 26.04.2018
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Tuğba BAĞCI ÖNDER Molecular Mechanisms of Therapy Resistance in Brain Cancers 12.04.2018
Prof. Dr. Ahu ALTINKUT UNCUOĞLU  Association Mapping in Plants 5.04.2018
Doç. Dr. Devrim GÖZÜAÇIK  Autophagy: Basic Science and Beyond 29.03.2018
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Nazlı KESKİN  How Does PATZ1 Bind and Inhibit p53, The Master Guardian of The Genome? 22.03.2018
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Tamer ÖNDER  Molecular Mechanisms and Applications of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells 15.03.2018
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Berat HAZNEDAROĞLU OMICS characterization of microalgae: Implications for improved biochemicals production 8.03.2018
Dr. Alexander Sasha KAGANSKY  Novel natural anti-cancer activities and exploring the biomedicine-biodiversity crossover 2.03.2018
Doç. Dr. Elif Damla ARISAN  Targeting AMPK in cancer therapy: Alteration of lipid synthesis pathways 1.03.2018
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Kübra Sultan ÖZDEMİR  Design of Healthy Foods: Mitigation of Thermal Processing Contaminants, Coating of Food and Bioactive Compounds 22.02.2018
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Burçin ÜNLÜ  Sağlık Sektöründe Fotoakustik Görüntüleme ve Yapay Öğrenme 25.01.2018
Dr. Müge İŞLETEN HOŞOĞLU  Growing Importance of Microalgae as Natural and Renewable Sources in Food, Pharmaceutical and Other Industries 24.01.2018
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