2022 Summer Intern Recruiment

2022 Summer Internship Announcement

Important Note for MBG Students:

All internship paperwork must be completed by 17 June 2022.


MBG Department Internship Program Intern Recruitment Announcement

Within the internship program of our department, 30+ interns will be accepted between 20 June and 15 September 2022. The application deadline is April 29, 2022.

The candidates can contact the academic staff in charge of the laboratory they want to do their internship. The names of the candidates who are accepted in this way will be announced on our department page until 20 May 2022, after they are sent to the Internship Committee by the faculty members in charge of the laboratory. Candidates accepted from outside the institution will submit their insurance documents to the laboratory where they will do their internship when starting the internship.

Candidates who want to apply, including Gebze Technical University students, should directly contact the faculty members for the  laboratory that they are interested. For this please do the following:

‘1- Write a letter of intent (example) stating the name of the faculty members responsible for the laboratory that you are interested in. In this letter, write the name of the laboratory you contacted and the name of the responsible faculty member as the only choice. Do not fill in options 2 and 5. Also, fill in the following table and place it under the preference. Presented as an example marked with yellow.

Intern Name Surname



Type of Internship

Intern dates and number of days

Name Surname



Voluntary or compulsory

20.07.2022-20.08.2022 (20 working days)


2- transcript,

3- CV (must contain two reference contact address information)'

The application must be sent to the faculty member via e-mail they are applying to.

You can find information about research laboratories or academic staff in our department from the links below.

Research Laboratories (Also, below is information on Accepting laboratories from the Institute of Biotechnology)

Academic staff

Information of the faculty members who work at the Biotechnology Institute other than the MBG department and who accept interns within this program:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------


Responsible Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Elif Damla ARISAN             (https://www.gtu.edu.tr/personel/1040/59283758/default.aspx )

Lab Name: Prof. Specify as Damla Arısan Lab.

---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

Responsible Faculty Member: Asst. Prof. Ümit Barış KUTMAN    (https://www.gtu.edu.tr/tr/personel/2771/1722021/display.aspx )

Lab Name: Kutman Lab - Plant Physiology and Plant Nutrition Laboratory "

---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------

Responsible Faculty Member: Asst. Prof. Member Mehmet ÖZBİL           (https://www.gtu.edu.tr/tr/personel/2771/51293840/display.aspx )

Lab Name: Computational Biochemistry Group @Gebze" https://compchemgebze.weebly.com/

---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------

NOTE: Candidates applying from outside of GTU are required to bring their insurance certificate at the beginning of the internship.

(Instructions, information and forms for GTU Students are on the Internship Forms page)

If you need help with documents, you can contact the Department Secretariat.

Department Contact Address Information: https://www.gtu.edu.tr/categorie/625/0/display.aspx

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