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About the situation of the interns who need to stay in quarantine;

1- The internship can be continued remotely, provided that the quarantine period does not exceed 5 working days in total (7 days in practice), provided that the your intern supervisor a the internship place accepts. Remote work for those days should be recorded in the internship book and approved by the internship supervisor at the relevant place. For those who cannot work due to illness, it should be written in the internship book as "not worked due to illness" in return for that day and it should be signed by the trainee's supervisor at the internship organization. Relevant test results or reports should be attached to the internship notebook.

Internship days missing more than 5 working days will be deducted from the number of internship days and after this process, internships under 15 days will be invalid.

2- In case of exiting the quarantine before February 20, the missing days are completed by renewing the Internship Slip and extending the insurance entry by Ms. Sultan Önkol. If the internship end date has been postponed, the date on the internship book cover should also be updated. Internships must be completed before February 20.

While the internship books are delivered to the MBG department secretariat until March 11, 2022, the type of internship (such as INTERNSHIP I, INTERNSHIP II or Optional INTERNSHIP and the number of internship workdays, 15, 20, 25 etc.) should be noted on the cover of the internship book.

Annual Internship Information Meeting,

There will be online information meeting on the Internship Information Team on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, between 15-16.

Our students can join the meeting from the following link.



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