Submission of the files of the internships held during the 2020-2021 Semester Break, Information about the STAR Internship during the semester, and General Announcement

You can send your questions to In order to get answers to your questions, you must provide the following information in your message.

Student name and surname: Xxxxx XXXX, ############

Grade 8 and whether she has passed the 8th term: 4th grade. 9th term

Date range and type of previous internships and number of days: 01.02.2021 -26.02.2021 (Internship I)

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1- Internship notebooks of our STAR program students and students doing regular internships: Internship notebooks (each page signed by the intern staff and intern) and the internship evaluation questionnaire ( /UserFiles/kalite/Formlar/Formlar-T%C3%BCrk%C3%A7e/FR-0080_Staj_Deerluluk_Belgesi-Anketi.docx) physically or by cargo to the department secretary.

2- Online / Notebooks of internships with homework: Internship File (Internship Book-Firstly, send your file as a PDF to the consultant managing your internship, you can download it from the link below after your internship consultant gives consent. It will be sufficient to send the consultant evaluation file assigned pdf.)

It's okay if the internship start date is January 30 instead of February 1.

Consultant Evaluation File (Signed PDF file, Blank Word File is available in the form directed by the download link below)

3- Internships within the scope of STAR will be considered as compulsory internships: Only during the pandemic, STAR internship will be accepted for the days that you do not take courses and Saturdays. Students should keep an internship notebook.  Compulsory internships up to 40 days will be accepted if students submit the internship evaluation questionnaire together with the internship notebook to the department secretary after the internship is over. Our students who are in this situation should send the forms below (which are valid during only the pandemic) to the address . Compulsory internships can be 15-25, 20-20 or 40 working days. For this reason, you only need to count the days you do not take any classes and Saturdays, and remember that your internship notebook must be signed by the authority of the internship place.

Apart from the STAR program, only students who have passed their 8th semester can do their internship on the days they do not take courses during the semester.

Required forms for pre-application:

1.Staj fişi (A- FR-0076_Staj_Fisi)

 2. Staj Zorunluluk belgesini (B- FR-0338_Staj-_Zorunluluk_Belgesi)


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