Submission of Internship Books

About Submission of Internship Notebooks (Türkçe versiyonu için sayfanın yukarısına gidiniz) Internship notebooks will be submitted to the Res. Asst. Betül ERTURAL or Res. Asst. Büşra Nur ÇİÇEK (C2 Blok, 221-Moleküler Nörobiyoloji Laboratuvarı (AXANLAB) on September 13, 2023. Please write down one of the followings on the notebook cover: Internship I, Internship II or Volunteer Internship, and (just below it) the number of days of internship (e.g., 25 days). If the internship was done within the scope of ERASMUS, also write down ERASMUS Internship on the cover. The internship book must be in English, and it must also contain a Turkish summary of the entire internship, not exceeding 1 page. In the internship book, there must be an official seal or stamp of the institution where the internship is done (This stamp/seal is required to prove the authenticity of the signature in the internship book). Along with the internship book, the questionnaire in which the trainer or the internship location manager evaluates his/her internship must be submitted in a closed envelope. The old Internship Teams link will not be used.

Announcements will on our new Teams address:

Send your questions only to the contact e-mails on the web page.

Internship Commission

Doç. Dr. Özlem AKKAYA

Doç.Dr. Mine GÜL ŞEKER

Arş. Gör. Betül ERTURAL

Arş. Gör. Büşra NUR ÇİÇEK

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