Department of Architecture





The Department of Architecture within the Faculty of Architecture at Gebze Technical University has been offering graduate education since 1995. GTU Çayırova Campus is one of the rare examples in the region that protects natural life with its 245 thousand square meters green area. The academic program of the Department, which started undergraduate education in architecture in 2008-2009 Academic Year, was constituted within the framework of the criteria of national and international accreditation boards in the field of architecture. In order to enrich and bring in dynamism to the program, it is ensured that acknowledged architects with practice and works in this field of specialization contribute to the education process. The courses in the program are grouped under design (33%), general education (17%), technical (20%), history/humanity/environment (10%), electal (15%) and professional knowledge (5%) headings. These percentages are very close to the ideal ratios that NCARB (The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) has set for architectural education. Courses offered in the technical field are 5% above the ideal ratio. The aim here is to raise awareness against the risk of earthquakes and ensure that future architects are equipped with technical knowledge in terms of the measures to be taken, as also stated in the objectives of the program.

The goal of the program is to maintain a contemporary architectural education model that can generate architects who can compete on national and international levels, who can produce and interpret rational solutions by identifying environmental, social and architectural problems, and to be in an active position in the fields of research and practice. It is also aimed to generate research-oriented professionals who protect the Republic's foundational principles and universal ethical values, who can define their national identity on a global level with the educational formation they have got, who can question and use knowledge, who can think independently and critically, who can use contemporary technology, who can bring rational solutions to today's architectural problems, and who have social and environmental awareness.

Within the framework of the new perspective that architecture profession has gained following recent developments around the world, in addition to building design and production, all sorts of intellectual and practical business areas offer new opportunities for architects.






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