GTU - Industry Collaboration

With the need for novel technologies and labor force as a prerequisite of the rapidly-developing industry, scientific projects that will contribute to the manufacturing of high-technology products are conducted, and academic staff and researchers are trained at GTU, which was established as a specialized university as different from other universities that provide classical forms of education.  

GTU - Industry Collaboration program was started to share GTU’s strong and modern infrastructure with industrial organizations, with those surrounding the GTU campus in the first place; work in collaboration to contribute to the solutions of industry’s problems; conduct value-added R&D projects, increase the competitive power of Turkish industry, and help create new areas of employment. 



Links for University - Industry Collaboration:
All patent databases  (US-Jap-EU)
USA Patents,  since 1790
Turkish Patent and Trademark Office
Turkish Patent Research Site (grupofis)
Turkish Patent Research Site (ankarapatent)
Technology Development Foundation of Turkey
İMES Industrial Estate

Other Links:
Manufacturing Network  
KOBINET Information Bank 
UC Technology Transfer Offices 
The Kept University - (Atlantic Online) 

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