Postdoctoral Research Program

Application Directives for Postdoctoral Research Program at GTU

The directives in question regulate the principles and procedures for the application of the Postdoctoral Research Program conducted at GTU.

Under the Postdoctoral Research Program, a faculty member normally assigned to work for a university or a researcher working for a public or private institution home or abroad is assigned to work temporarily at GTU and conducts research under the supervision of a faculty member at GTU, after they have received their doctoral degree. The aim of the program is to encourage young faculty members and researchers to conduct joint research with faculty members specialized in their own field and increase the scientific interaction between faculty members and researchers.

Principles and procedures governing the PhD degree holding non-GTU staff who are not included within the scope of this program but who take part in projects or conduct research at GTU are regulated in another directive.


Click here to view the Postdoctoral Research Program directives in Turkish. 

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