Technology Transfer Office



        The Technology Transfer Office at GTU aims to identify inventions and innovations made by the academic staff, conduct patent investigations, support creativity and innovation, create awareness for useful models and trademarks by protecting the invention/innovation, and handle the related commercialization activities. Applying for patents, conducting their follow-up and commercialization, and searching for funding opportunities are also among the Office’s aims.

       The Office organizes trainings, seminars, and meetings in order to ensure university – industry collaboration, reaching out to both academic and industrial circles and obtaining data from them. With the data it obtains, the Office makes the necessary match-ups and supports the collaboration process starting with the Privacy Agreement afterwards, taking an active role in obtaining and protecting the intellectual and industrial property rights of the invention, and also during the commercialization process.

Directives for the Technology Transfer Office at GTU 

TTO Presentation with 2015 Facts and Figures



Staff and Contact

Vedat Güçler TTO Director +90 (262) 605 24 31
Ahmet Yavuz Oral TTO Coordinator

+90 (262) 605 15 23-31 55

Alkan KOÇ Project Specialist for National Funds

+90 (262) 605 24 37

Emra GÖL

University - Industry Collaboration Assistant Specialist

+90 (262) 605 24 37

Ümit KAVUN EU Projects Specialist

+90 (262) 605 24 46



Sevcan IŞIKAY Intellectual Property Rights Specialist




Alpaslan GÖZEL Commercialization Specialist

+90 (262) 605 24 32



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