Internship Process


Due to COVID-19 pandemic, there is no need for student to come to the university in internship application process. It is enough to scan “internship application documents with wet signature” and send them to related places via e-mail. The steps students should follow during the internship application process are as follows:

The student will submit the internship acceptance certificate (staj kabul belgesi) to the department secretary after confirming and signing it.
The department secretary will have the relevant document signed by the internship committee chairman or one of the members, and send it to the Dean's office by courier.
The Dean's office will complete the procedure through making the insurance (SGK).
When the procedure is completed, both student and department can confirm from the Dean's office.

In addition, our students who have difficulties in finding an internship due to COVID-19 pandemic can contact the following teachers via e-mail to do internship in our department, provided that they provide evidence (such as internship application mail sent to different institutions):

Assist. Prof. Dr. Onur SERÇİNOĞLU - President of Internship Commission (                             
Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayşe A. CANPOLAT - Member of Internship Commission (
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tunahan ÇAKIR - Member of Internship Commission (
It will be useful for our students who will apply for an internship to examine the Presentation File to get information about writing a CV and cover letter. Moreover, you can send an e-mail to biyomü for any questions about internship. Your questions will be answered as soon as possible.             
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Optional/Compulsory Internship Evaluation Certificate ("İsteğe Bağlı/ Zorunlu Staj Değerlendirme Belgesi"), Internship Book ("Staj Defteri"), Questionnaire for Internship Evaluation ("Staj Değerlendirme Anketi"), Questionnaire for Institution Evaluation by the Intern ("Stajyerin Kurumu Değerlendirme Anketi") are among the documents that the students must submit to their departments at the end of their internships.

You can find the necessary internship forms here.

1)      Select the form FR-0078 for "Staj Zorunluluk Talep Belgesi".
2)      Select the form FR-0076 for "Staj Fişi".
3)      Select the form FR-0075 for "Staj Kabul Belgesi".
4)      Select the form FR-0077 for "Staj Ücretlerine İşsizlik Fonu Katkısı Öğrenci Ve İşveren Bilgi Formu".
5)      Select the form FR-0080 for "Zorunlu Staj Değerlendirme Belgesi".
6)      Select the form FR-0080 for "İsteğe Bağlı Staj Değerlendirme Belgesi".
7)      Select the form FR-0069 for "Staj defteri ve kapağı".
8)      Select the form FR-0185 for "Staj Değerlendirme Anketi".
9)      Select the form FR-0186 for "Stajyerin Kurumu Değerlendirme Anketi".
It will be beneficial to examine Presentation for the students, who will do internship. It is also useful to examine the Internship Directives of the Engineering Faculty for more information.
Three copies of the "Öğrenci Staj Fişi" will be filled electronically by the student,and one copy will be delivered to the Internship Committee.