What is bioengineering?

Bioengineering is a branch of science that seeks solutions for problems in biological systems with an interdisciplinary approach by combining basic sciences such as physics, chemistry, molecular biology/genetics and mathematics with engineering sciences. It uses analytical methods to quantitatively describe biology. It also analyzes the complexity of living systems as a tool to design and produce.


Bioengineering Applications

Bioengineering is a field that covers the application of engineering disciplines, life sciences and medical information together. Many applications such as biomaterials, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, drug delivery systems and high throughput screening devices for drug discovery, imaging, monitoring and diagnostic devices, and biosensors are included in Bioengineering.


Conceptualizing Bioengineering

Bioengineering makes several inferences from natural sciences. It reveals complex environmental systems, biomimetic materials and structures, energy efficient biomimetic power systems, neuromorphic intelligent machines, molecular motors, biological communication - computation, biological robots, devices and procedures by reverse-engineering methods.


Gebze Technical University - Bioengineering Department

Our Bioengineering Department, which started its activities in 2009, has been active in the field of scientific research and has started its active undergraduate education since the fall of 2017. The graduate program "Bioinformatics and Systems Biology" in our department offers a Master's degree since February 2016. The PhD program, improving our research focus in master’s program, began in February 2018. In addition, the Department of Bioengineering offers Master's degree and PhD in Bioengineering since 2022.

The main purpose of our department is to produce solutions to biological problems with the engineering perspectives. Our research in this direction includes

• examination of cell biology processes and disease mechanisms by using bioinformatics-based computational methods with systems biology approach,

• production of active molecules with antimicrobial properties for cancer treatment by using genetically modified microorganisms,

• development of biocompatible products with biomaterials and tissue engineering approaches,

• design of biomedical materials by using electrical-electronics and mechanical engineering methods,

• production of recombinant industrial enzymes and their characterization.

For all your questions about GTU Bioengineering Department, you can send an e-mail to "biyomühendisliktanıtım@gtu.edu.tr".  Your e-mails will be returned in a very short time.


Mission & Vision

Our mission: by specializing on genetics and bioinformatics subfields of bioengineering, to become a department with strong scientific background, and to produce scientific solutions complying with the requirements of the contemporary world.

Our vision: to conduct research which draws worldwide and national attention, and to educate researchers as expert bioengineers, as demanded by academic and industrial fields.

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