The Department of Information Technologies establishes the network and computer infrastructures in the university. Our department prepares the website of the university. It creates technical conditions to other units related to the University for purchasing of computer and peripheral units. It prepares programs to meet the requirements of the university or it provides alternative programs to be used in these units. It also provides education about the use of these programs.
The Department of Information Technologies Equipment Support Group provides the maintenance and repair of computer and peripheral units which are registered to GTU inventory list.
Administration of Information Technologies Unit (ITU) cannot download other programmes than licenced products belonging to and ITU cannot be charged of any download out of its knowledge. It cannot give any support for these programmes. For a new setup, a new operating system suitable for the computer’s configuration, an office package and an antivirus programme are installed.
Hardware Support Group, helps to install Intranet and maintains the systems sustainability.
Hardware Support Group staff is not responsible for any document or programme loss in case of a disorder. Users are responsible for their back-ups.
Service given by hardware support group can be named shortly as operating system installment, office package installment(word, excel, access, outlook), antivirus programme installment, introducing computer and devices to the operating system.

Administration of Information Technologies Unit Software Support Group, develops softwares according to Units’ demands and serves these to their usage. In case of need, it enables package programmes to be bought for units.

Technical and Administrative Services Unit

It operates to provide technical service for computer systems in our university.


Installment of personal computers and printers, uploading softwares, setting network etc., make them ready to use and start them up.
Providing solutions for software or hardware problems reported with disorder record system.
Conducting software updates of machines within the university.

Network and System Management Unit

Responsible for designing, installing and conducting networks,
To manage wired and wireless networks, to secure network,
To design, maintain and fix networks; maintenance and connections of switches,
To organize IP addresses and wiring services are in the domain of its responsibility.
To plan feasibility works for new buildings, to prepare network project, to determine technical qualities of products to be bought and to prepare specifications.

System Management Group Services 

Installing services on the servers located within the campus, making sure they work properly and providing their security. These services; e-mail, FTP/WEB servers, DNS (domain name server), DHCP server management; are within the responsibility of this group.

Web and Software Unit

Determining policies of management, design and publication of web pages.
Design and update of the web page.
Developing, managing and giving support to Web Management.
Managing Web Portal servers, adjusting connections to web pages.
Opening accounts of ftp and database to host web pages.


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