General Information

Our Directorate is responsible for university computers, network and communication services and it is affiliated with General Secretariat.

The Directorate of Information Technology is at Block A and it is responsible for providing services by following the latest advanced technologies to the benefit of all GTU students and personnel for their educational and academic works. It aims at providing the latest technology to the students and personnel.

GTU Directorate of Information Technology provides the services of e-mail, web, access to library, mobile access, server, software, technical service and office services. With the internet and web services and software, maintenance and repair services we provide, we represent our university and country in and out of Turkey successfully. Our Directorate also uses technical resources and services to the fullest extent, so it contributes to the budget of both our university and country. It also contributes the transparency and regularity of administrative works.

Our main policy is to improve the quality and efficiency of our services, which are:

  1. To deal with the installation and functions of the computers
  2. To provide network without any kind of virus or threat to users
  3. For academic and administrative works, to provide efficient services by using technological devices and software
  4. To provide continuous and efficient web designs and e- mail systems for our university's students and personnel in order to make them connect globally
  5. To provide the technical support for the first intervention to the problematic devices and network
  6. To provide academic divisions with technical and administrative support related to our field when necessary
  7. To break grounds by becoming a model of the proper use of the internet among universities and their divisions
  8. To make the university decision making mechanisms transparent-open and quick in terms of managing the university
  9. To take precautions for students’ and personnel's orientation and carry out projects and applications about this issue
  10. To be in cooperation with state institutions and organizations and follow the current issues via local and foreign resources


Mission: To provide information technologies to our university quickly and dynamically in harmony with other divisions by following contemporary information technologies all over the world
-To satisfy our students', academic and administrative personnel's needs by providing efficient and qualified services
-To update the technological infrastructures by following the latest technological developments and provide support for education, research and development projects
-To become a leader in the area of technology and informatics

Vision: To provide technical specifications for the purchasing of computer and peripheral units which are necessary for Gebze Technical University. To prepare programs to meet the requirements of the institution's divisions and provide packaged software to be used in these divisions. To train the divisions for the use of such software.
-To meet the requirements of being a 21st century university by following modern technological developments closely and using them
-To be a problem solver in our country and to be competitive internationally
-To be a division using the latest knowledge for education to the fullest extent

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