Databases Usage Rules

Gebze Technical University Library has subscribed to a number of electronic sources that have resulted in licensing agreements with publishers and companies. Any violation of the rules in the agreements made may result in the temporary closure of the databases to University and in some cases the agreement may be canceled and the databases may be closed completely to University.
In order to avoid such problems, we ask that you comply with the following rules, and thank you for your understanding and sensitivity.


  • A certain number of printed or electronic copies may be made (eg. a single article, part of a book, a single thesis).
  • You can use it to meet your own information needs(eg. research or lectures).
  • You can share the information you receive from databases with staff and students at university.

                      NOT ALLOWED

  • Copying a large number of publications, personal computers, using commercial or systematic robots and similar software from databases.
  • The content of the database is to be sold or distributed.
  • Transferring the information copied from the database to people outside our University.
  • Sharing contents information copied from the database or e-mail lists of the article.
  • Creation of an archive by attempting to download the entire number of publications of a magazine at the same time.
  • It is not allowed to create similar works by making changes to the records downloaded from the database or by using them.
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