Utilisation Requirements 

GTU Members
Within the scope of Gebze Technical University 
  • Lecturer and Academic Members, 
  • Administrative Staff,
  • Doctorate and Postgraduate Students,
  • Undergraduate Students
can be member to library as presenting their GTU Identity Cards.

External User
Users that came from outer the institute can benefit from library material with permission Head of Department.

GTU members who completed membership procedures can benefit from library service and facilities within the scope of below rules.

  • GTU members can borrow book hereinafter stated number and duration: 

    User Type Borrowing Duration Book Number
    Academic Members 1 semester 15
    Other Academic Members 1 semester 10
    Doctorate and Post Graduate Students 35 days 10
    Undergraduate Students 28 days 6
    Administrative Staff 28 days 6
  • At the process of borrowing, you should have your GTU identity card.
  • Users who haven’t identity card can’t benefit from borrowing service.
  • Consultation resources, periodicals and printed thesis can’t be lended.
  • Person who has penalty of delay or has delayed book can’t benefit from borrowing facility.
  • Refund date is stated in the back page of the book with stamp.
Time Extension and Recall
  • Time of the borrowed material can be extended 4 times for academicians and 2 times for all users. 
  • The duration of books booked by another user can't be extended. 
  • Users with punishment or overdue books can't extend the time limit. 
  • Duration extension can be done in person by coming with books at the library or online. 
  • The User is obliged to return the materials required by the Library to the Library within 3 days at the latest in case of recall even though the time is not full.

  • User can reserve any borrowed resource from Circulation Desk on her/his behalf. 
  • When the reserved book is returned to the library, the Ready to Read message is sent by e-mail to user. 
  • Reserved book should be taken within the 3 days from Circulation Desk. Books not taken during this time are placed to the shelf or if there is a user in the queue, they are kept on the Circulation Desk.

Books that Delayed of Refund

The user who doesn't return the book he borrowed within the following period is sent 3 times "Delay Reminder Message":
  • 1st message : the return date's 1 day later.  
  • 2nd message: the return date's 10 days later.  
  • 3rd message : the return date's 30 days later.

Despite all reminders, books not returned within 60 days are considered missing and the following penalties apply:

  • 30 days delay penalty + current market price of book + lost transaction price

Books borrowed and not returned in time: 

    • 0,25 ₺(Turkish Liras) per day for 1st-15th day.

  • From the day of the 16th day, 0,50 ₺ "Delayed Penalty" is applied.
  • Delay penalties can not be canceled.
  • There is no authority for the staff on the bank to cancel or postpone the delay penalty.

Lost or Damaged Books

For books that are found to be lost or damaged during return, the user will be informed and will be asked to provide it within 1 month.

For books that can not be provided

  • Book Price + Lost Transaction + Delay Penalty(if any, will be collected to the user.)

Replication Service
Users can make photocopy from library collection on condition that not being contrary to copyright. 

The photocopy fee for a page is 0,50 ₺. 

  • Please, submit your GTU identity card in the borrowing process.
  • Please, don’t enter to library with food and beverages.
  • Please, turn of your mobile phone in the library.
  • Please, lock your bag, private items in the lockers at the entrance of the library and your key is taken. Library staff can not be held responsible for lost items.
  • Please, don't talk and act in such a way as to disturb others in the library.
  • Please, don’t smoke.
  • The security of library collection is provided by magnetic door control system. Please, don't take books out before finishing the borrowing process.
  • Please, don’t set the publications to shelves; put them on the desk please.  



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