Departments / Courses

Departments Graduate Programs Course Catalog  
Computer Engineering Computer Engineering - Master's (30% English) Course Catalog  
  Computer Engineering - PhD (30% English) Course Catalog  
  Cyber Security - Master's with Thesis (30% English) Course Catalog  
  Information Systems - Evening Classes Non-Thesis Master's (Turkish) Course Catalog  
Environmental Engineering Environmental Engineering - Master's (30% English) Course Catalog  
  Environmental Engineering - PhD (30% English) Course Catalog  
Civil Engineering Earthquake and Structural Engineering - Master's (30% English) Course Catalog  
  Earthquake and Structural Engineering - PhD (30% English) Course Catalog  
Electronics Engineering Electronics Engineering - Master's (30% English) Course Catalog  
  Electronics Engineering - PhD (30% English) Course Catalog  
Physics Physics - Master's (30% English) Course Catalog  
  Physics - PhD (30% English) Course Catalog  
  Metrology - Master's (English) Course Catalog  
Geomatics Engineering Geodesy and Geographical Information Technologies - Master's (Turkish) Course Catalog  
  Geodesy and Geographical Information Technologies - PhD (Turkish) Course Catalog  
Chemistry Chemistry - Master's (30% English) Course Catalog  
  Chemistry - PhD (30% English) Course Catalog  
Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering - Master's (30% English) Course Catalog  
  Chemical Engineering - PhD (30% English) Course Catalog  
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering - Master's (30% English) Course Catalog  
  Mechanical Engineering - PhD (30% English) Course Catalog  
Materials Science and Eng. Materials Science and Engineering - Master's (30% English)

Course Catalog

  Materials Science and Engineering - PhD (30% English) Course Catalog  
  Glass Science and Technology (30% English )    
Mathematics Mathematics - Master's (30% English) Course Catalog  
  Mathematics - PhD (30%  English) Course Catalog  
Architecture Architecture - Master's (Turkish) Course Catalog  
  Architecture - PhD (Turkish) Course Catalog  
  Architecture - Evening Classes Non-Thesis Master's (Turkish) Course Catalog  
Molecular Biology and Genetics Molecular Biology and Genetics - Master's (30% English) Course Catalog  
  Molecular Biology and Genetics - PhD (30% English) Course Catalog  
City and Regional Planning City and Regional Planning - Master's (Turkish) Course Catalog  
Bioengineering Bioinformatics and Systems Biology - Master's (English) Course Catalog  
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