Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the preparatory program last?

The program lasts for one academic year. In the event that you fail the program, you cannot repeat it. 

Is attendance compulsory?

Yes. We have a level system and each level lasts for 17 weeks. Attendance is taken separately for each level and attendance requirement is minimum 85% for each level.

What if I fail due to absenteeism?

If you fail due to absenteeism in any level, you cannot continue the preparatory program and cannot take the Proficiency Exams held in June. However, in accordance with the regulation (YÖ-0002, Article 5), you can take the proficiency exam held at the beginning and end of the second year and start your freshman year in the event that you pass one of those exams.

What is the level system and how does it work?

The level system has been developed to track the progress of our students and support them with an appropriate curriculum and syllabus. Following the placement exam at the beginning of the semester, each student is placed in a class according to his/her level of English. There are three levels in total, Level A, Level B, Level C and each level lasts for 17 weeks. The student starts from the appropriate level after the placement test and continues his/her education with a higher level as the weeks determined by the curriculum progress.

Are there any requirements to take the Proficiency Exams held under the Preparatory Program within an academic year?

Yes. You need to obtain a minimum score of 65 and meet the attendance requirement.

What exams do I need to take within a level?

Students should sit several exams and complete certain tasks including a midterm exam, a final exam and other assessment such as speaking exams. 

What is the Proficiency Exam? What does it cover and how difficult is it?

The Proficiency Exam is an exam that is held twice a year and according to the result of which you gain the right to start your freshman year. The exam covers many skills and it is comprehensive. As long as you attend the classes regularly and complete the tasks given, the exam should not be too hard for you. It is prepared in accordance with the level of English provided as part of the program and the resources used.

How many times can I take the Proficiency Exam?

If you fail the Undergraduate English Proficiency Exam held in June at the end of the academic year in which you are enrolled at the university and fail to score 60 (CC) out of 100 full points, you have the right to take the proficiency exams held at the beginning, middle and end of the second year in your class (YÖ-0002, Article 5). ).

What happens if I do not take any of the Proficiency Exams within a year, or take and fail them all?

Students who do not gain the right to start their freshman year at the end of the preparatory program cannot repeat the program. However, they can take all the proficiency exams within the academic year that follows the preparatory program.

I failed the Proficiency Exam. How can I object to exam results?

The exams held consist of multiple choice questions and assessed by an optical reader. Yet, you can still submit a written objection to the department secretariat ( and demand a re-evaluation of your exam. The final results will be announced in the announcements section of the website.

What kind of resources are used in the Preparatory Program?

There is more than one course within the program and for every course, books published by the leading publishing houses in the world and materials developed by our instructors in accordance with our students' needs are used. The resources to be acquired by our students are announced at the beginning of every academic year.


Can any grad student attend the preparatory program?

The students who are not exempt from the Program and who fail the Proficiency Exam at the same time are required to enroll for the courses offered by the Department of Foreign Languages on the date specified in the Academic Calendar. The students who are not required to attend the Program but wish to enroll for courses select the relevant option when filling in the course registration form. Those students are only offered courses depending on the availability of the quota specified by the Department of Foreign Languages.

Is attendance compulsory for grad students?

No, but it is recommended that you keep in touch with your advising instructor. However, attendance is required for those who are enrolled in the Undergraduate English Preparatory Program. 

I have other questions!

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