The English Preparatory Program



Our students take the GTU PROFICIENCY EXAM after they are admitted to our university. Those who fail to pass the exam with a minimum of 60 points (CC) out of 100 must attend our one-year English preparatory program.  

Those who need to attend the preparatory program take the Placement Test and are placed into classes according to their level of English (Level A and Level B)

Preparatory Class education lasts for one year and contents and materials are prepared in line with program objectives.

Students are required to sit several exams in each semester.

Minimum attendance requirement is 85% for each level. Those who exceed the maximum hours of absence lose the right to take both the exams within a semester and the PROFICIENCY EXAM at the end of the semester. They can only take the PROFICIENCY EXAM in the next semester.

The GPA should be a minimum of 65 points and each level needs to be passed successfully before a student can take the PROFICIENCY EXAM in  June. You can find detailed information in the Directives for English Preparatory Program.

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