General Information

Health, Culture and Sports Department was published in Official Gazette as the Higher Education Act No. 46 of 2547 and 47 agents with Institutions of Higher Education No. 124 Decree Law on the Organization for Administrative and Higher Education Institutions 32 Article, February 3, 1984. According to the Regulation of Official Gazette "Medico-Social, Health, Culture and Sports Department of the Higher Education is responsible for a designated health care, students' social, cultural, counseling and guidance and meet the needs of sport service and at the same time  support the academic research in this field of applications.”



To protect the physical and mental health of students and staff in order to make them useful citizens to society, and offer them quality level of adequate nutrition, shelter, Health, Culture, Sports, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service to meet their social needs with modern methods.




To be a student and employee-centered leading presidency in all service areas by giving them efficient resources, information and high-tech equipment. 


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