2024-2025 Uluslararası Öğrenci Başvuru İlanı / International Students Application Announcement




Applications will be received between March 1, 2024 and July 5, 2024 for

International Student Admissions to

Undergraduate Departments.


Application and Enrollment Dates for International Student Admissions for  2024-2025 Academic Year


March 1, 2024-July 5, 2024

Receiving of international student applications

July 8-12, 2024

Evaluation of applications

July 16, 2024

Announcement of main and reserve candidates


Enrollment of main candidates


Enrollment of reserve candidates


Departments To Admit International Students and Their Quotas for

2024-2025 Academic Year



International Quota for 2024

Faculty of Engineering

Computer Engineering


Electronics Engineering


Materials Science and Engineering


Environmental Engineering




Geomatics Engineering


Chemical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


Civil Engineering


Industrial Engineering


Aerospace Faculty

Aeronautical Engineering


Faculty of Architecture



City and Regional Planning


Faculty of Science





Molecular Biology and Genetics




Faculty of Business Administration








IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: In this announcement, our university has only declared quotas under international student admissions, has not determined any other quotas for those with exceptions regarding a specific country, situation, or form of identity, and all students who will finalize their enrollment are subject to the specified tuition fees.











Documents Required for Application

1. Application Form (not sought in online applications)

The application form is found at http://www.gtu.edu.tr during the application period. Applications are received online.

*Article 7 of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901 holds the provision “(1) A child born to a Turkish mother or through a Turkish father within the unity of marriage either in Türkiye or abroad is a Turkish citizen.”; therefore, international student admission applicants are recommended to examine the Turkish Citizenship Law.

2. A Valid Exam Result Certificate (in English or Turkish)

The original or notarized copy of the exam result certificate that will be used for application (if the certificate has been issued in a language other than Turkish or English, its notarized translation into Turkish or English) (SAT, TR-YÖS)

PLEASE NOTE: Only the exams specified in the GTU Directive for the Application, Admission and Enrollment of International Students to Bachelor’s Degree Programs (YÖ-0011 Directive for the Application, Admission and Enrollment of International Students to Bachelor’s Degree Programs) are accepted. It is not possible to apply with the results of exams other than those specified in the mentioned directive, otherwise the application will be deemed invalid.

3. High School Diploma (in Turkish)

A Türkiye Embassy/Consulate/Public Notary-approved Turkish copy of the applicant’s high school diploma.

4. Official Grade Report (in Turkish)

A Türkiye Embassy/Consulate/Public Notary-approved Turkish copy of the Official Grade Report that has been approved by the applicant’s high school principal’s office, indicating the courses and grades received by the applicant.

5. Certificate of Equivalency (in Turkish)

“Certificate of Equivalency”, which shows that the applicant’s high school diploma is equivalent to the diplomas granted by the high schools in Türkiye and may either be received from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Türkiye or from the Türkiye Embassy in the applicant’s country. Non-approved certificates are not accepted.

6. Official Document That Indicates Applicant’s Possible Graduation Date (in Turkish)

Those students whose graduation are delayed are required to upload the Turkish copy of the officially-approved document that they have received from their high school and that indicates their possible graduation date instead of the documents specified in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th entries of this announcement.

The documents in the 3rd and 4th entries of this announcement are to be submitted during the finalization of enrollment.

7. Passport Details

The copy of the pages on the applicant’s passport with the picture and identity details of the applicant.

8. Photograph

1 passport size (4.5 x 6 cm) portrait photograph of the applicant (taken within the last six months in a way that allows to identify the applicant easily).

9. Bank Statement (in Turkish)

The bank receipt indicating the applicant has 3,000 USD in a bank account owned by themselves to certify they have the financial means to pursue their higher education in Türkiye. If the receipt is not in Turkish, then a Türkiye Embassy/Consulate/Public Notary-approved Turkish copy of it is to be submitted.

Even though an applicant is announced as either a main or reserve candidate, if they submitted missing, misleading or false statements, or false documents during their application, their enrollment procedure will not be carried out. And those who are identified with similar situations after their acceptance to or enrollment at our university has been finalized will be dismissed pursuant to the relevant legal legislation.


*Any changes due to force majeure will be announced on our university's website.














Uploading the Required Documents

The documents specified in this announcement are to be uploaded on to the online application system that will be accessible at the http://www.gtu.edu.tr address between March 1, 2024-July 5, 2024.

Applications made outside the specified dates will not be accepted.


      Evaluation of Applications

The evaluation of applications is carried out by GTU International Student Admissions Committee. The Committee’s structure is determined by the decision of the Senate.

The applications of those who are found not to fulfill the application requirements as a result of preliminary examination are not evaluated further.

Announcement of Results

Application results are announced on GTU website in internet environment. An acceptance letter will be sent in digital environment to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Presidency of Migration Management for the candidate who is accepted and who states that they will finalize their enrollment so that they can acquire a study visa.


Enrollments are carried out by the Directorate of Student Affairs every year between the dates specified in the announcement.

Tuition Fees and Financial Guarantee Amount

A tuition fee determined by the University Senate provided that it falls within the minimum and maximum limits designated by the Decree of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye every year and approved by the Council of Higher Education is received from international students. These fees are indicated in table below.

In addition, those who will apply to GTU from abroad are required to certify in the form of a financial guarantee declaration that they have the financial capacity to study in Türkiye. The amount for 2024-2025 academic year is 3,000 US dollars.


Tuition Fees per Semester for 2024-2025 Education and Teaching Year have not yet been determined.

Finalized fees will be announced on the website after they have been determined.


2024-2025 Tuition Fee Per Semester


Faculty of Engineering-Architecture


Faculty of Science


Faculty of Business Administration


Aerospace Faculty



Education and Teaching

International students are subject to the provisions of the Regulation for Associate and Bachelor’s Level Education and Teaching at GTU in terms of the matters regarding education and teaching.

In order to begin their undergraduate education, students are to first certify that their level of Turkish language is sufficient.

The Turkish language proficiency level of those students who are placed in programs at GTU is determined according to the certificate of success received from either Yunus Emre Institutes or Gebze Technical University Continuing Education Center (GTÜSEM).




1. (C1) or higher: The level of Turkish is sufficient.

2. Level (A) and (B): The level of Turkish is insufficient.


Students whose Turkish level is insufficient are deemed permitted for 1 year to learn Turkish. Of the students whose Turkish reaches the required level by the end of this period, those whose program’s medium of instruction is either Turkish or Minimum 30% English may directly start their undergraduate studies: Economics (Turkish-Medium Instruction), Geomatics Engineering (Turkish-Medium Instruction), City and Regional Planning (Turkish-Medium Instruction), Electronics Engineering (Minimum 30% English-Medium Instruction), Materials Science and Engineering (Minimum 30% English-Medium Instruction), Architecture (Minimum 30% English-Medium Instruction).

Those students who study in a program with 100% English-medium instruction are required to certify until they graduate that they have sufficient level of Turkish. These students may directly start their undergraduate studies even though their level of Turkish is not yet sufficient; however, they cannot graduate until they have certified within 4 years that their level of Turkish is sufficient.

Those students who study in programs with either Minimum 30% English-Medium Instruction or 100% English-Medium Instruction may directly start their undergraduate studies from the course stage provided that they pass the GTU English Proficiency Exam or certify that they have passed an equivalent English proficiency exam.

Those students who fail the GTU English Proficiency Exam or fail to certify that they have passed an equivalent English proficiency exam study in the English Language Preparatory Class first. At the end of the 1 permitted year that is granted to those international students whose level of Turkish is insufficient and are receiving education by their own means to level up their Turkish, if the student’s level of Turkish is still insufficient, they are permitted 1 additional year, and if they still cannot submit their Turkish proficiency certificate by the end of that additional year, they are disenrolled.

Students that are required to prove their proficiency in Turkish and/or English languages have a total of

two years to do so.


Accepted Exams for English Preparatory Class Exemption














Üniversitemiz bu ilanında sadece yurtdışından öğrenci kabul kontenjanları kapsamında ilana çıkmış, belirli bir ülke, durum ve kimlik şekli ile ilgili özel durumu olanlar için ayrıca kontenjan belirlememiş olup, kesin kayıt yaptıracak bütün öğrenciler belirtilen öğrenim ücretlerine tabidir


In this announcement, our university has announced only within the scope of foreign student admission quotas, has not determined a quota for those who have a special situation regarding a specific country, situation and identity form, and all students who will make final registration are subject to the specified tuition fees.


IMPORTANT!!! As per the memo by Turkish Council of Higher Education, Blue Card holders and those who have graduated from the high schools in Türkiye are not allowed to apply. PLEASE CLICK HERE for the related memo. 


Application Link (It will become active at 09:00am on March 1, 2024). 

Please click here for the information on how to fill in the Application Form.

For your questions, please contact:  gtustudent@gtu.edu.tr 

Foreign Language Exam: To be announced


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