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Uçak Otomatik İnişi için Navigasyon Güvenilirliği ve İzlenmesi (LAAS), Diferansiyel GPS & INS, Otomatik Otoyollar için Navigasyon, Araç Dinamiği ve Stabilte Kontrolü, GPS ile Yapısal İzleme.

Journal Articles

1. Sayim I., Lang H., and Zhang D., (2017), “Ionospheric Delay Prediction and Code-Carrier Divergence Testing for GBAS using Neural Network and GPS L1,” Aerospace Science and Technology, Volume 70, November 2017, Pages 66-75, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ast.2017.07.039

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3. Ergun B., Sayim I., Sahin C., and Tok N., (2016), “Real-time Relative Mobile Target Positioning Using GPS Assisted Stereo Videogrammetry” Survey Review, (In press, DOI:10.1080/00396265.2016.1267303)

4. Sayim I., and Zhang D., (2016), “Optimization of brake factor for S-cam foundation brake using RSM” Strojniski Vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Volume 62, Issue 9, pp 503-510 (DOI:10.5545/sv-jme.2016.3459)

5. Sayim I., and Zhang D., (2016), “Experimental Quantification of Brake Factor for S-Cam type Foundation Brake” Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation, Volume 87, pp. 117-125, (DOI: 10.1016/j.measurement. 2016.02.067)

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8. Sayim I., Akbas B., and Doran B., (2012), “Using Monitoring Relative Displacements with GPS in a Long Period Structure,” Technical Journal, Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers, Volume 23, Number 3, Pages 6017-6036, (WOS:000306730200003)


Conference Articles

1. Sayim, I., and Pervan, B., “LAAS Ranging Error Overbound for Non-zero Mean and Non-gaussian Multipath Error Distributions,” proceedings of the 56th Annual Meeting of the Satellite Devision of the Institute of Navigation (ION AM – 2003), New Mexico, NM, June 2003

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3. Pervan, B., Pullen, S., and Sayim, I., “Sigma Estimation, Inflation and Monitoring the LAAS Ground System,” proceedings of the 13th International Meeting of the Satellite Division of the Institute of Navigation (ION GPS – 2000), Salt Lake city, UT, September 2000.

4. Pervan, B., and Sayim, I., “Issues and Results Concerning the LAAS σpr_gnd Overbound,” IEEE Symposium “PLANS” (Position Location and Navigation) San Diego, CA, April 2000.

5. Sayim, I., and Pervan, B., “Overbounding Non-zero Mean Gaussian Ranging Errors for Navigation Integrity of LAAS,” 2nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Space Technologies (RAST 2005), June 9-11, 2005, Istanbul, Turkey.

6. Akbaş B., Sayim, I., and Doran, B., “Structural Modeling and Use of Real-Time Kinematic GPS for Monitoring of a Long-Period Building,” 14. European Conference on Earthquake Engineering (ECEE 2010), August 30-September 03, 2010, Ohrid, Macedonia.

7. Doran, B., Akbaş B., Sayim, I., Fahjan Y., and Alacalı S. N., and “Structural Monitoring and Earthquake Performence Determination for a Long-Period Building,” 1. The Turkish Earthquake Engineering and Seismology Conference (TDMSK 2011), October 11-14, 2011, Ankara, Turkey</div>

8. Sayim I., Kavzoglu T., and Sahin, E., “GBAS Availability Analysis for the Trabzon Airport Using True Terrain Masking Data,” 7nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Space Technologies (RAST 2015), June 16-19, 2015, Istanbul, Turkey.


Other Publications

Akbas, B, Sayim, I., Doran, B., Alacali, S.M., and Hancioglu, B., “Dynamic Monitoring of Long-Period Structures Using Real-time Kinematic DGPS,” TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) 2009.

  • Doktora: (2003) - Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Yüksek lisans: (1996) - Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Lisans: (1990) - Marmara Üniversitesi