TUBITAK Supports GTU Student's "Autonomous UAV" Project

GTU's senior Computer Engineering student Ahmet Alperen Bulut's "Autonomous UAV Project" will be supported by TUBITAK 2209 - B Program

UAVs, which can be produced in different shapes and hardware according to their areas of use, are becoming more and more widespread as vehicles that can be used in dangerous regions and under different conditions without putting human life at risk. UAVs also continue to be one of the most important areas of study at GTU, too.

Ahmet Alperen Bulut, senior Computer Engineering student at GTU, has recently been entitled to receive a grant for his project titled "Autonomous UAV" under TUBITAK's 2209 - B program. When the project, which has been prepared under GTU Computer Engineering Department Lecturer Dr. Alp Arslan Bayrakçı's advisory coordination, is completed, UVAs will be able to be used to autonomously detect and destroy crime elements (where necessary), and to detect and track human elements without requiring additional supervision, for military purposes. In terms of civil purposes, the movements of animals (pets or wild animals) in certain lands will be able to be tracked and their species will be able to be identified. The UVAs developed as a result of the project will also be able to autonomously track actors for film shootings without requiring the guidance of humans and will be able to transfer live images thanks to their cameras. Thus, human supervision will no longer be needed in these areas, manpower will be saved, and it will be possible to work in dangerous regions and under difficult conditions without risking human life. We congratulate our student and wish him continued success in his studies.