GTU's "[n]Beyin" Club Hosts a Talk with Prof. Sinan Canan

The event titled "Talks on the Brain and the [n]Brain" was hosted at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics with the participation of Prof. Sinan Canan as the guest speaker.

The talk organized by İrem Kazez, Chair, and Melike Kandemir, Vice Chair of GTU's [n]Beyin ([n]Brain) Club took place at the conference hall of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at GTU.

GTU's academic and administrative staff and GTU students attended the event, and Prof. Sinan Canan had an interesting talk with the audience about popular science, and the place and importance of science in our country and the world.


Prof. Sinan Canan is a member of faculty at Üsküdar University in Istanbul and is known for his remarkable evaluations and observations and for taking these evaluations and observations from the world of science into daily life with the conferences he organizes. Up to now, Canan has carried out significant studies on the brain and in his talk, he touched upon the importance of acquiring knowledge, and underlining that acquiring knowledge is only possible by "understanding how we understand", he said: "Whatever you are passionate about will take you away." 

Focusing his scientific studies on the chaotic and fractal dynamics in the nervous system, Prof. Canan has also been organizing conferences and programs on Chaos Theory, Complexity, Fractal Geometry, Forms in Nature, Learning, Language and Aphasia, and the Mind and the Brain for the general audience countrywide.

The author of the books "Kimsenin Bilemeyeceği Şeyler" and "Değişen Be(y)nim", in 2013, Canan established the [n]Beyin Research Center, of which he is still the Chair of the Scientific Committee.

At the end of the event, Emine İrem Kazez, the Chair of GTU's [n]Beyin Club, presented Prof. Canan with a thank you plaquet for his participation.

The interesting talk ended with pictures taken and the meal taken afterwards.



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