Transformation Process with Pupa 1.0 at the Faculty of Architecture

At the Pupa 1.0 event organized between 7 and 10 June by GTU Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul Medipol University Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture and MİTA (GTU Architectural Design Club), an open workshop was set up aiming to transform the waste that accumulated all semester long, including materials such as paper, wood and polymer into temporary structures. The event was attended by GTU Faculty Members including Associate Professor Levent Arıdağ, Assistant Professor Fitnat Cimşit Koş and Research Assistant Sümeyra Eroğlu, and Assistant Professor Zülal Korur and Research Assistant Güliz Kasaboğlu from Medipol University, along with the Architecture Department students from GTU, Kocaeli, and Sakarya universities.

MİTA’s president Fatih Çivi stated that Pupa means the transformation process of the butterfly and that they intend to underline the new product development process out of waste materials. Assistant Professor Zülal Korur from Medipol University said she is happy to work collaborately in such a project and hopes the number of such projects will increase in time.

The works prepared as part of the project were exhibited in the Faculty of Architecture at the end of the event and the temporary structures will later be exhibited around the Building Block N and Building Block U of the Faculty of Architecture. 


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