GTU Hosts Nano Science

12th International Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Conference having the feature of being the most attended organization in the related field, was hosted by GTU. This organization was a significant step in order our region to become one of the important centers of   international science and intellectual information.

Having been held every year since 2005 in our country and to be held for the 12th times this year, International Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Conference was hosted by Gebze Technical University (GTU) between 3-5 June at Darica Elite Hotel. Over 400 local and foreign guests, academicians from 20 different countries, representatives of private companies, students and stakeholders attented the conference. By 35 invited speakers, 170 oral presentation and 250 poster presentation were submitted through 5 parallel session during 3 days. Besides the quality of the presentations at the organization attracting attention, favorable outcomes were obtained for the improvement of inter-institutional cooperations and the new projects to be created in this field. The announcement of the journal to be created for Nanoscience in which different interdisciplinary studies are necessary was made at the conference.


Making the opening speech of the congress GTU Physics Department Chairman Prof. Dr. Bekir Aktaş gave information about nanotechnology. Emphasizing that the technology has changed a lot during the last 200 years Aktaş specified that the science being one billionth of any size and called Nano, constitutes a very broad field of research. In his statement he made after the conference, Aktaş stated that through this conference, varied studies in this field were released and supported, scientific cooperations were improved, the studies of young scientists were supported and this conference drew our industrialists and folk’s attention to nanotechnology field which is the technology of the future and allowed to create awareness.


Expressing his happiness for hosting the organization which brings scientists from lots of disciplines together to share their experience at NANOTR-12 stated: “Humanbeing realized the STONE, shaped it. He realized the diffrences in stone and learned to make elemental analysis. He processed the elements seperately. By mixing the elements, he developed and enriched them. STONE, became a material in the hands of humanbeing. He never stopped discovering its features and the discoveries were followed by new inventions. He studied  the materials in large pieces. He studied the material by reducing it. He got the material in micro size developed the technology and named it MICRO TECHNOLOGY. He learned the dimension and quantum affects of the material. He examined the material in Nano sized, and applied them to the industry and found out nanotechnology. Today, so many high value added products having been exposed to the magic touch of the nanotechnology have become indispensable in our daily lives”. Prof. Dr. Görgün presented plaquets to the conference participants coming together at gala dinner in the evening of the first day. Darıca Mayor Şükrü Karabacak hosted the partcipants at Darıca Municipality Social Facilities.


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