GTU and HAVELSAN Collaboration

January 05, 2023

A new collaboration agreement titled "Agreement and Framework for Relative Positioning R&D Project" has been signed between Gebze Technical University (GTU) and HAVELSAN. After the signing ceremony at Gebze Technical University, a University-Industry Collaboration Workshop was held.

The workshop started with GTU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Hasari Çelebi's presentation introducing GTU to its stakeholders. Then, HAVELSAN R&D and Incentive Group Leader Şahizer Ön Çakır delivered a presentation on “HAVELSAN's R&D Approach and University-Industry Collaboration”. In addition, HAVELSAN Command Control and Defense Technologies/Technology Development Group Modeling and Sensor Technologies Group Leader Çağlar Akman delivered a presentation titled "Relative Positioning Applications with UWB-Based Distance Measurement".

After the opening session, the workshop continued with the sessions titled "Information Communication Technologies", "Command Control and Defense Technologies", "Cybersecurity and Cryptology", "Autonomous Systems and Simulation", and "Artificial Intelligence".

Speaking at the event, GTU Rector and HAVELSAN Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Hacı Ali Mantar stated that it is necessary to benefit from the R&D studies carried out at universities and added, "Within the scope of the projects we have determined, HAVELSAN and GTÜ will carry out effective, efficient, and high value-added works."

HAVELSAN General Manager Dr. Mehmet Akif Nacar, on the other hand, remarked that they attach great importance to R&D and collaborations and said, "We also aim to collaborate with GTU for our software and informatics projects and R&D and patent processes."

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