Environment Pollution Priorities Symposium VII-  22-23 November, 2012

Seventh of Environment Pollution Priorities Symposium is arranged by the Department of Environmental Engineering with the main aims of objectives to reach sustainable development and millennium targets, scientific works and enhancing awareness of importance  protecting natural resources and sharing of scientific works with participants who came various sectors.  

This year, at EPPS Symposium where all scientific and technical works in areas of environment technology and environmental sciences will debate, at the present time side activity is included themed climate change’s effects to water sources evaluated in a global scale and debated. Around all these subjects, target of the symposium is determined as precautions which will be taken for environment problem with existing opportunity, available opportunities and with executing of scientific studies, constituting sustainable environmental management principles. With the frame of these targets symposium is completed successfully with fertile session where works’ of researchers coming to Turkey’s various regions are debated. Hereby, we thank to all symposium workers, participants and GIT Rector.


 EPPS VII Arrangement Committee