Professional Architecture Environment Discussed At GTU

Under the series of talks organized by GTU's Faculty of Architecture and Architecture and Design Society MITA and titled "Current Topics in Architecture", Architect Bülend Tuna made a presentation titled "Professional Architecture Environment in Turkey and the World" on May 10, 2018 at the GTU Faculty of Architecture's conference hall in Block N. Mr. Tuna started his presentation with architectural organizations in Turkish history, then mentioned the laws on the profession of architecture, highlighting that the related laws must be improved. Tuna also provided some demographic information on the members the Chamber of Architects in Turkey and stated that there is an uneven distribution of architects by cities. Emphasizing that architecture must be for everyone's sake and touching upon important issues such as accessibility, Tuna also presented solutions for the issues he talked about and concluded his talk saying that the credibility of the architects before the society must be increased.