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Book Edited

  • Li-S Batteries, The Challenges, Chemistry, Materials and Future Perspectives,
    Editor: R.Demir-Cakan, World Scientific, 2017, ISBN: 978-1-78634-249-2

Book Chapters

  • HTC-derived materials in Energy and Sequestration applications in “Porous Carbon Materials from Sustainable Precursors, R. Demir-Cakan and M. Sevilla, Editor: Robin White, RSC, 2015.
  • Applications of Hydrothermal Carbon in Modern Nanotechnology in “Sustainable Carbon Materials from Hydrothermal Processes, M. Sevilla, A.B. Fuertes, R. Demir Cakan, M.M. Titirici, Editor: M.M. Titirici, Wiley, 2013.
  • Analytical Techniques for Li-S Batteries in “Ceramic Materials for Energy Applications II, M.U.M.
    Patel, R.Demir- Cakan, M. Morcrette, J.-M. Tarascon, M. Gaberscek, R. Dominko,Editors: K. Fox, Y. Katoh, H.-T. Lin, I. Belharouak, M. Halbig and S. Mathur), John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
  • Introduction to Rechargeable Lithium–Sulfur Batteries in “Li-S Batteries, The Challenges, Chemistry, Materials and Future Perspectives” R. Demir-Cakan, Editor: R.Demir-Cakan, World Scientific, 2017, ISBN: 978-1-78634-249-2
  • The Use of Lithium (Poly)sulfide Species in Li–S Batteries in “Li-S Batteries: The Challenges, Chemistry, Materials and Future Perspectives”, R. Demir-Cakan, MAthieu Morcrette, Jean-Marie Tarascon Editor: R.Demir-Cakan, World Scientific, 2017, ISBN: 978-1-78634-249-2


  • M. Antonietti, M.M. Titirici, R. Demir-Cakan, Process for the Preparation of Hydrothermal Hybrid Material from Biomass and Hydrothermal Hydrid Material Obtainable by the Process, World Patent, (WO/2010/006881), 2010

Peer-reviewed Papers

  • • M Dogrusoz, R Demir‐Cakan, Mechanochemical synthesis of SnS anodes for sodium ion batteries, International Journal of Energy Research, 2020, doi: 10.1002/er.5735
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Thesis Supervised


  • Burcu Dursun, 2017, Development of tin based materials for sodium ion batteries and investigation of their potential use as anode electrode
  • Elif Ceylan Cengiz, 2019, Improvement of the electrochemical performance of rechargeable lithium-sulfur (Li-S) and sodium-sulfur (Na-S) batteries
  • Burak Tekin, 2019, The development of cathode materials for sodium-ion batteries with aqueous electrolyte.


  • Elif Canbaz, 2020, Investigation of hazelnut shells driven carbon materials as anode for sodium-ion batteries produced by hydothermal carbonization method
  • Ali Üçtepe, 2019, The use and optimization of Si-carbon composites as anode materials in li-ion batteries
  • Sümeyye Yilmaz Uslukaya, 2019, Development of Na2S cathode electrode for sodium-sulphure (Na-S) batteries working at room temperature
  • Eren Demir, 2019, Using zinc anode electrode in aqueous electrolyte containing batteries
  • Kamile Burcu Çelik, 2017, The use and optimization of Li2S/carbon composites as cathode materials in Li-S batteries
  • Meral Aydin, 2016 Preparation and investigation of kinetic properties of efficient Co-Ti-B catalysts for sodium borohydride hydrolysis
  • Mehbare Doğrusöz, 2014, Nano structured cathode active material synthesis for lithium ion batteries
  • Doktora: Max Planck Institute Colloids and Interfaces (2006-2009)
  • Yüksek lisans: Yildiz Technical University (2002-2005)
  • Lisans: Yildiz Technical University (1997-2002)
Postdoctoral Researcher (2009-2012)
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Laboratoire de Réactivité et Chimie des Solides

•Dec 2019, ODTU Prof. Mustafa Parlar Foundation, Research Incentive Award
•2018-2019, TÜBİTAK, METATEG, Advisory Board
•July 2019, Sorbonne University (Paris/France), LabEX MATISSE, Invited Professor
•Dec 2018, Turkish Academy of Science, Distinguished Young Scientist Award (TUBA-GEBIP)
•June 2018-August 2018, French Embassy French Embassy for the Visiting Researcher Fellowship
•May 2016, L'Oreal Turkey Young Women in Science Award
•2015-2020, TÜBİTAK, Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races, Advisory and Evaluation Board
•April 2015, Science Academy’s Young Scientist Award (BAGEP)
•May 2014- present, Expert for the evaluating of the Horizion 2020 energy related calls
•October 2014, The Electrochemical Society, Battery Division Young Professional Travel Grant
•January 2013- March 2013, Visiting professor position at Picardie Jules Verne by Erasmus MUNDUS
•June 2012, Young Investigator Award (given by IMLB-2012, South Korea)
•June 2010-June 2012, ALISTORE-European Research Institute, (Postdoctoral research grant)
•July 2008, The Japan Carbon Award for Student (given by the Japan Carbon Society)
•October 2006-June 2009, The International Max Planck Research School Scholarship

•Türkiye Fransa İkili İş birliği Projesi (TÜBİTAK-Bosphorus Call), Proje Yürütücüsü, (2020-2022)
•TÜBİTAK 1001, Araştırmacı, (2020-2022)
•TÜBİTAK Kariyer 3501, Danışman, (2018-2021)
•GTÜ-Sabancı Üniversitesi İkili İş birliği Projesi, Proje Yürütücüsü, (2015-2016)
•TÜBİTAK 1001, Proje Yürütücüsü, (2015-2017)
•Türkiye Fransa İkili İş birliği Projesi (TÜBİTAK-CNRS), Proje Yürütücüsü, (2015-2017)
•TÜBİTAK 1001, Araştırmacı, (2015-2017)
•COST Projesi, Araştırmacı, (2015-2017)
•GTÜ-BAP, Proje Yürütücüsü, (2015-2016)
•TÜBİTAK Kariyer 3501, Proje Yürütücüsü, (2014-2017)
•GTÜ-BAP, Proje Yürütücüsü, (2014-2015)
•Türkiye Fransa İkili İş birliği Projesi (TÜBİTAK-CNRS), Proje Yürütücüsü, (2013-2015)
•TÜBİTAK-TEYDEB Öncelikli Alanlar Projesi, Danışman, (2013-2015)