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* Research Projects

Dynamics of Rotating Blades

TUBITAK 1001- The Scientific and Technological Research Projects Funding Program (2023-2025)

Project Title: Nonlinear vibrations of a high-fidelity model of rotating pre-twisted blades with thickness and chord length variations including nonlinear centrifugal effects

PI: Saeed Lotfan

Partner: Middle East Technical University

* Journal Articles

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* Peer-reviewed Articles

  1. Sadeghi, M. H. and Lotfan, S. Identification of nonlinear modal interactions in a beam-mass-spring-damper system based on mono-frequency vibration response (In Persian). Computational Methods in Engineering 38, 19– 36 (2019).
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* Conference Proceedings

  1. Çopur, F. and Lotfan, S. On the misinterpretation of structural damping in harmonic response of rotordynamic systems: commercial tools perspective in 7th International Conference on Engineering Sciences (2024), 1-8.
  2. Rahmanian, M., Motlagh, P. L. and Lotfan, S. A modified trigonometric higher-order shear and normal deformation theory for free vibration analysis of composite conical shells in 2nd International Conference on Nonlinear Solid Mechanics (2022).
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  6. Rezaee, M., Lotfan, S. and Maleki, V. A. Using disturbance function for vibration analysis of beams with an open edge crack (In Persian) in The 20th Annual International Conference of Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers (2012), 1–4.

* Master's Degree

  1. Çopur, Furkan (2024) A unified model for internal rotordynamic stability based on complex coordinates formulation.
  • Doktora: University of Tabriz, Mechanical Engineering, 2014-2018
  • Yüksek lisans: University of Tabriz, Mechanical Engineering, 2012-2014
  • Lisans: University of Tabriz, Mechanical Engineering, 2008-2012