Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Laboratory

Laboratory Name

Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Laboratory 

Laboratory Responsible

 Asst. Prof. Dr. Bengü Sezen


 Department of Bioengineering


 (+90) 262 605 1684


Gebze Institute of Technology, Department of Bioengineering, 41400,
Gebze-Kocaeli, Turkey

Laboratory Staff

Res. Assist. Hatice Büşra Konuk

General Information

We aim to provide a better understanding of translational control mechansims in gene expression. Furthermore, synthesis of biologically active materials for the treatment of various diseases by genetically modified organisms is intended.  


PCR (Polimerase chain reaction): Enzymatic amplification of a DNA region between two segments whose sequence is known in order to obtain nucleic acid molecules necessary for the cloning.

Gene amplification (cloning): Insertion of the nucleic acid molecule into a carrier called vector by the use of the ligase enzyme after its digestion with appropriate enzymes.

Gene transfer: Alteration of the genetic code of an organism by recombinant DNA technology in order to direct it for the synthesis of biologically active materials. 

Isolation and purification of active materials: Isolation of active materials synthesized by the genetically modified organisms.


1. Shaking Incubator (GFL)
2. Cooling Incubator (STIK)
3. Incubator (Nüve)
4. Refrigerated Centrifuge (Nüve)
5. Microcentrifuge (Hermle)
6. Thermal Cycler (PCR machine) (PEQLAB)
7. Horizontal and Vertical Electrophoresis (BIORAD)
8. Electrophoresis power supply (PEQLAB)
9. Deepfreeze, -80°C (Nüve)
10. Water Bath (Nüve)
11. Digital heat block (Benchmark)
12. Distilled Water (Thermo Scientific)
13. Autoclave (BioClave)
14. Balance (Precisa)
15. Analytical Balance (Precisa)
16. pH meter (HANNA)
17. Waterproof EC/TDS Tester (Adwa)


1. TÜBİTAK, Ardeb 1001, (01.05.2015-01.05.2017), Search For New Members and Target Proteins of the SESA Network Which Inhibits Protein Synthesis Specifically in S. cerevisiae Cells, 113 328 TL

2. GTÜ, BAP, (22.07.2013-22.03.2015), Effect of Nuclear Membrane Curvature on Insertion of Newly Duplicated Centrosome into the Membrane Bilayer in S. cerevisiae Cells, 7550 TL

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