Incoming Students


Erasmus student should be a full-time student at their home university. An Erasmus Inter-institutional Agreement exists between student’s home university and Gebze Technical University. The home university must officially nominate student as an Erasmus exchange student.


Students are recommended to apply at their home university Erasmus Office after careful evaluation of the courses offered by Gebze Technical University. Please visit ECTS Information Package to see academic programmes and course catalogues.

All applicant students should fill in the GTU Incoming Student Application Form and send the electronic copy to before sending the originals by post the deadlines, for accomodation arrangements. 

Following Documents should be sent by post to GTU Erasmus/International Relations Office:

 Note: Before selecting courses please contact GTU ERASMUS Office or Departmental Coordinator for updated  course lists.

Application Deadlines
Winter Semester: June 15
Spring Semester: November 15

GTU Academic Calendar 


September 08-19 2014

Registration for Winter Semester

September 15, 2014

Classes Start

December 19, 2014

Classes End

December 29 2014-January 09, 2015

Final Exams

February 02-13, 2015

Registration for Summer Semester

February 09, 2015

Classes Start

May 15, 2015

Classes End

May 25-June 5, 2015

Final Exams


Student’s home university forwards Student Application Form to GTU Erasmus Office. The Office sends a Letter of Acceptance/Invitation for visa procedures to applicants who are accepted by the relevant department as an exchange student.

Visa and Residence Permit

Students must have taken either student or tourist visa before their travel to Turkey. Applications for residence permit can be done to the Turkish Consulate at students’ home country or the Police Department in Turkey. They must apply for residence permit within one month after they have arrived at Turkey. GTU Erasmus Office will help students to make the application in case not received before arrival at Turkey.


Students are required to have a health insurance valid for the study period in Turkey. Turkey’s agreements with some of EU countries may allow students to use their insurance at their home countries in Turkey, aswell. However, students should consult with the responsible insurance department at their home countries in any case.


Upon arrival at GTU, student should firstly inform the Erasmus Office. The Erasmus Office is open Monday to Friday 9.00 - 17.00. In order to make the registeration, student should bring the copies of their Learning Agreement, Transcript of Records and Student Passport. The Erasmus Office assists them on any formalities regarding registration and residence permit.

The Departmental Coordinator is responsible for providing academic guidance to an incoming student and monitoring his/her academic development during the exchange period at Gebze Technical University.

Erasmus student doesn’t have to pay any tuition fee which includes registration, examinations, and access to library and laboratory facilities. However, they have to pay for their own accommodation, travel, educational materials, insurance and other living expenses.

Useful Links

- Turkish Airlines

- Havas Shuttle Buss (from/to airports):

- Istanbul Sea Bus Lines:

- Turkish State Railways:

- T.C.Ministry of Culture and Tourism:

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Fire Brigade

*Dial three-digit number without any extra code

+90 262 315 72 54

Kocaeli Police /Department of Foreign Students