The department of Chemistry offers undergraduate and graduate programs including MS and PhD programs in Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physicochemistry, and Analytical Chemistry.

Currently, 19 professors, 4 associate professors, 5 assistant professors, 7 lecturers, 24 research assistants, 2 technicians and 1 officer are employed in the department.  Our main areas of research include phosphazene chemistry, chemical sensors, macrocyclic compounds, phthalocyanines, boron based compounds, nanomaterials, enzyme immobilization, biotechnology, computational chemistry, computer aided molecular design, adsorption, ion exchange, surface chemistry, electrochemistry, photochemistry, organic/inorganic opto-electronic materials, conductive polymers, functional polymers, and synthesis of monomers and macromonomers, synthetic organic chemistry, drug active materials, and agrochemicals.


Department History

The Department of Chemistry is one of the first departments established within the Gebze Institute of Technology in 1994. The Department of Chemistry continued its research and development and postgraduate education activities at the Çayırova Campus between 1996-2002 and at the Muallimköy Campus between 2002-2013 under the name of Gebze High Technology Institute. Moving to its new building in Çayırova Campus as of September 2013, the Department of Chemistry offers education and research in a significant number of undergraduate and graduate programs including MS and PhD by increasing its cooperation with academia and industry with its advanced infrastructure and laboratory facilities. The language of instruction of the undergraduate program of the Chemistry Department is 100% English. 



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Gebze Technical University


Chemistry Department


41400 Gebze-Kocaeli/TURKEY

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