Department of Management

The Department of Management, with its undergraduate and graduate programs, aims to provide future entrepreneurs with effective management and entrepreneurial skills in the processes of production of goods and services by providing the desired benefits, and the skills to see the business as a whole, to work effectively and efficiently, to integrate resources in the best way.

At the Department of Management, our academic staff, who are experienced and have acknowledged expertise in their own area of interest, share their knowledge and experience with our students. Our students graduate as qualified individuals who can meet the employment needs of the future while blending their academic knowledge with the internship, certificate programs, seminars and workshops.

As the GTU Department of Management, we aim to:

• educate creative individuals who are aware of social and ethical responsibilities, have professional competencies and are respectful to the society and environment by developing an understanding of participatory and shared organizational culture,
• provide our students with the practical activities together with the theoretical background of management that our students may need to in order to be able to work in different positions within the public and private sector,
• provide our students with the ability to acquire, process, analyze, interpret and make decisions in light of the business world with our current training program and technology possibilities,
• transfer the necessary awareness and knowledge in effective communication, entrepreneurship, sustainability and innovation openness to our students,
• in line with the United Nations Responsible Business Education Principles we have adopted, enable our students to create sustainable values in light of social responsibility and to create a continuous improvement process by including universal values determined in the direction of these principles in our curricula,
• enable our students to understand global and organizational factors related to competition environment and determinants in the business world and to manage decision making processes effectively and efficiently through scientific methods.

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