Industrial Applications Course

Industrial applications course can only be chosen by students who complete 200 ECTS at the end of the 8th semester and have a 3.00 GPA. The aim of the course is to train better students by providing vocational practice in private and public sector workplaces for 14 weeks (one semester), which is the duration of the course, within the scope of Gebze Technical University Industrial Applications Course Directive.

Within the scope of this program, students are expected to attend all activities in person and submit a report on their work to the departmental coordinator of the course, by complying with the working conditions and rules applicable in the institutions or workplaces they are accepted to. Otherwise, the student is considered unsuccessful in this course. In addition, the workplace where the student performs the application is obliged to prepare the student evaluation report and submit it to the department coordinator of the course in order to contribute to the increase of the student's knowledge, experience and experience in the relevant field and to summarize the student’s work.


Workplaces that our department has contracted within the scope of industrial applications course:

- Pakmaya

Pakmaya; is a food company that works on yeast, bakery, milling, pastry and home consumption products. It continues its R&D and product development studies on yeast and biotechnology with the Pak Biotechnology Research and Development Center it owns.

- Birgi Mefar

Birgi Mefar is a group pharmaceutical company that provides primary glass packaging, ampoules and vials, sterile medicine production services and medicine distribution services for sterile medicine production. It provides sterile drug production services with more than 150 different raw materials for more than 50 licensed pharmaceutical companies globally and locally.

- Bilim İlaç

Bilim İlaç is a Turkish pharmaceutical company with a large R&D and production center. In the R&D center; It includes analytical development laboratories (instrumental analysis laboratories, wet chemistry laboratories), formulation laboratory, pilot production and stability areas. Patent scanning and evaluation studies, active ingredient evaluation, analysis and approval studies, formulation and analytical method development, laboratory and pilot scale productions, process and analytical method validations, clinical studies, product improvement studies, new product stability studies, registration in the R&D center files are being prepared. Bilim İlaç produces products in solid, liquid and pomade forms at its Gebze and Çerkezköy production facilities.

* It is planned to increase the number of our workplaces.

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