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Data files sent to users' devices by internet servers through the internet browser in use are referred to as cookies, and websites use these cookies to recognize users. The lifespan of these cookies varies depending on browser settings.

These cookies are created through systems managed by Gebze Technical University (GTU) and, at the same time, authorized service providers authorized by GTU may acquire information such as IP addresses, unique identifiers, and device identifiers by placing similar technologies on users' devices. In addition, links belonging to third parties in the institution's systems are subject to the privacy policies of these third parties. Responsibility for privacy practices does not belong to the institution in this context, and it is recommended to read the privacy policy of the site covered by the relevant link when visiting the site in this context.


Cookies, whose main purpose is to provide convenience to users, are primarily grouped into 4 main categories:

  • Session Cookies (Essential Cookies): These are cookies that enable various features, such as carrying information between web pages and remembering information entered by the user systemically. They are necessary for the proper functioning of the institution's website functions.
  • Performance Cookies: These are cookies that collect information about page visit frequency, possible error messages, total time spent by users on the relevant page, and usage patterns of the site. They are used to improve the performance of the institution's website.


The purposes of using cookies by GTU are as follows:

  • Operational purposes: GTU may use cookies to administer and secure its systems, enable the use of functions on its website, or detect irregular behaviors.
  • Functional purposes: GTU may use cookies to facilitate the use of its systems, provide usage features specific to users, and remember user information and past choices.
  • Performance purposes: GTU may use cookies to increase and measure the performance of its systems, evaluate and analyze interactions with sent messages, and user behaviors.


Cookie usage is pre-defined as selected in many browsers, and users can change this selection status from browser settings and thus delete existing cookies and reject future cookie usage. However, if cookie usage is cancelled, some features in the instution's systems may not be used.


Stored information will be deleted by the institution when the legal or contractually-defined storage period ends, or when GTU no longer needs it. However, you can request the deletion of your information at any time. In such cases or for all your questions about your personal information, you can contact us via email at The response time for your requests is legally set at 30 days, but you can be assured that we will make every effort to respond to you in a shorter time.

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