APS 502  Introduction to Systems Engineering
APS 503 Fundamentals of AeroEngine Materials
APS 504 Engine Performance Design
APS 509 Engine Component Mechanical Design
APS 510 Fundamentals of Gas Turbine Engine Design
APS 514 Test, Instrumentation and Assembly Studies for Aeroengines
APS 515 Advanced Topics in Aerospace Technologies
APS 521 Materials and AeroEngine Materials
APS 523 Aeroengine Materials Processes
APS 524 Process Simulations
APS 525 Aerospace Standards, Qualifications
APS 526 Engine Component Mechanical Design
APS 527 GD&T and 6 Sigma
APS 553 Aircraft Engine Aerothermals
APS 554 Computational Fluid Dynamics and Applications for Propulsion Systems
APS 555 Air Vehicle Design and Optimization