Turnitin -Academic Plagiarism Prevention Program (for Thesis, Project and Homework)

It is a web-based system used to prevent plagiarism and improper citations in student theses, assignments and projects. Thesis, homework, project etc. uploaded to the system. The studies are automatically compared with the sources in a very large data pool and a similarity report is created by detecting citations, similarities, improper use of sources. In addition to academic databases, journals and publications, Turnitin's repository includes more than 200 million student assignments and more than 17 billion web pages.

All of our faculty members are automatically registered in the system. They can activate from the link that comes to their e-mail address with the "@gtu.edu.tr" extension. Username: Your email address with the gtu extension.

Our newly appointed faculty members should send their name, surname and e-mail addresses with gtu extensions to the e-mail address kutuphane@gtu.edu.tr.

Important reminder: When uploading your theses for analysis, select optional settings on the relevant page, at the bottom of the settings page, the submit papers to section should be selected as no repository. If you make this setting, if you send the same thesis more than once, the similarity rate will not be one hundred percent. The analysis will be made by excluding the relevant thesis. Therefore, you should definitely do this setting.

Turnitin Login

Please read the Manual before starting to use.

Turnitin User Guide

Helpful Video

For your questions, you can call (External phone number): 16 69 / 16 66.

Note: According to the license agreement, the Turnitin program can be used by academic members (Dr. Lecturer, Associate Professor, Prof.Dr.). However, other academic staff who have completed their doctorate will be able to use the program, provided that they document their course obligations (the document must be sent with the registration request e-mail).

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