GTU Bioengineering Society (BIOS)

Gebze Technical University Bioengineering Community "GTU BIOS", which was established in June 2020, started its activities with the initiative of the students of the bioengineering department and the support of the faculty members. The club, which was established to introduce bioengineering, which combines science, biology and engineering, and to instill a love of bioengineering, continues its activities with its broad vision and mission. Having undertaken the task of being the first and only Bioengineering club within the university, GTÜ BIOS has received intense interest since its establishment with its members consisting of undergraduate, graduate, doctoral students and academicians. Our club, which develops and realizes scientific and entrepreneurial projects, is on its way to becoming a leader in its field. In addition to our webinar series, #BIOSdictionary and #BIOShistory series, our club is at the top of its field with its BIOSCIENS magazine.

Finally, the website, which became active with the first journal issue on October 5, 2020, started to be published‼ ️The website designed for you to review all event records, news and project details is the only official of the Gebze Technical University Bioengineering Community is the web page. We hope that our site will provide great convenience for our members and followers.

For more information and details; You can visit the website.

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