Faculty Members

Mehmet Ali ARSLAN
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali ARSLAN
Email: mehmet.arslangtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z23
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 81
Machine Design - CIM - Design Optimization - FEA - DOE - Composite Materials
Prof. Dr. Fevzi BEDİR
Email: fevzibedirgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z22
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 80
High temperatur behavior of metallic materials
Composite materials
Machining methods
Prof. Dr. Naghdali CHOUPANI
Email: choupanigtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, 124
Phone: +90 (262) 605 26 59
Fracture Mechanics
Solid Mechanics
Material Design and Behaviors
Süleyman KARSLİ
Prof. Dr. Süleyman KARSLİ
Email: skarsligtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z08
Phone: +90 (262) 6052783
Energy Efficiency, Energy and Eksergy Analysis in Engineering Systems, Two Phase Flows, Renewable Energy, Alternative Energy Sources, Heat Pumps and Refrigerators
Alp Er KONUKMAN<br /><span style='font-style=bold;'>(Chair)</span>
Prof. Dr. Alp Er KONUKMAN
Email: konukmangtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z13
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 87
Energy Systems Engineering, Process Systems Engineering, Energy Efficiency, Energy Economics, Exergoeconomics, Molecular Dynamics, Nanotechnology
Ahmet Sinan ÖKTEM
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sinan ÖKTEM
Email: sinan.oktemgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z11
Phone: +90 (262) 6052786
Nanotechnology, Micro/Nano Systems, Graphene Production and Nano Modelling (Molecular Simulations), Analytical and Numerical Modelling of Composite Structures (FEA, Meshless), Renewable Energy
Prof. Dr. Babür ÖZÇELİK
Email: ozcelikgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z18
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 76
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gamze GEDİZ İLİŞ
Email: ggedizgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z12
Phone: +90 (262) +902626052667
Adsorption Chiller, Cooling from Waste Heat without Electricity, Electric Vehicle Termal Management Systems, Battery/Synchronous Motor Cooling, Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emel KURAM
Email: kuramgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z19
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 77
Assist. Prof. Saeed LOTFAN
Email: slotfangtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, 123
Phone: +90 (262) 605 26 58
Nonlinear vibrations, Structural Dynamics, Nano-Systems Dynamics, Rotating Structures Dynamics, Nonlinear System Identification, Stability and Bifurcation Analysis
Peyman Lahe MOTLAGH
Assist. Prof. Peyman Lahe MOTLAGH
Email: peyman.lahegtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z 20
Phone: +90 (262) 6052778
Machine Design, Dynamic Analysis, Composite, FEM analysis, Analytical and Numerical (FEA, Meshless), Vibration Analysis, Peridynamic, topology optimization, piezoelectric, Multidisciplinary Analysis
Assist. Prof. Recep ÖNLER
Email: ronlergtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z21
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 79
Advanced Manufacturing Techniques,
Materials Processing,
Precision Engineering

Salih Özen ÜNVERDİ
Assist. Prof. Salih Özen ÜNVERDİ
Email: sunverdigtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z09
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 84
Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, Multiphase Flows, Turbulence, CFD&FEA Automotive Applications, Renewable Energy Systems, Turbomachines.


Mustafa Kemal ACAR
Res. Asst. Mustafa Kemal ACAR
Email: mkemalacargtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z-42
Phone: +90 (262) 000 00 00
Mechanical Vibrations,Piezoelectricity,
Additive Manufacturing
Eref Bedirhan AKSOY
Res. Asst. Eref Bedirhan AKSOY
Email: bedirhanaksoygtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z-34
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 99
Res. Asst. İlke ALGÜL
Email: ilkeesgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z-34
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 99
Finite Element Analysis, Solid Mechanics, Analytical and Numerical (FEA, DQM, Chebyshev Collocation Method) Solution Methods
Res. Asst. Erdem BAYDIR
Email: erdembaydirgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z-34
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 99
Energy Efficiency,
Renewable Energy Systems,
Thermal Systems
Fethiye Coskun
Res. Asst. Fethiye Coskun
Email: fethiyekucukgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, 117
Phone: +90 (262) 605 2737
Tuncay Erzurumlu
Res. Asst. Tuncay Erzurumlu
Email: terzurumgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z14
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 89
Başak GÖK
Res. Asst. Başak GÖK
Email: basakgokgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, 117
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 37
PEM, Li-ion Battery,
Energy Management System
Yiğitalp GÖKMEN
Res. Asst. Yiğitalp GÖKMEN
Email: ygokmengtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z16
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 89
Muhammet Bilal İĞDİ
Res. Asst. Muhammet Bilal İĞDİ
Email: bilaligdigtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z-34
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 99
Burak IŞIK
Res. Asst. Burak IŞIK
Email: bisik2018gtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z-34
Phone: +90 (262) 6052799
Energy Economics, Energy Efficiency, Thermal System Design
Res. Asst. Onur KAYA
Email: onur.kayagtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z16
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 89
• Mechanics of Composite Materials
• Computer Aided Design (CAD)
• Finite Element Analysis
• Nano-micro Coating
Res. Asst. Eda ÖZYILMAZ
Email: eozyilmazgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z-16
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 89
FEA, Biomechanics, MEMS
Res. Asst. Esma PALA
Email: esma.palagtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z27
Phone: +90 (262) 605 2788
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Ongun Bora SABAN
Res. Asst. Ongun Bora SABAN
Email: obsabangtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, 117
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 37
• Lithium-ion Batteries
• PEM Fuel Cells
• Multi-Scale Multi-Domain CFD Applications
• Electrochemical Impedance
• Thermal Management
• Energy System Optimization
Mehmet Orhan ŞENASLAN
Res. Asst. Mehmet Orhan ŞENASLAN
Email: msenaslangtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H2, Z16
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 89
Fırat Can YILMAZ
Res. Asst. Fırat Can YILMAZ
Email: fcyilmazgtu.edu.tr
Office: , H2 Blok, Z16
Phone: +90 (262) 605 27 89
Adaptive Control

External Teaching Staff

Previous Teaching Staff

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