Keleş, F. (2023). China Academy of Art Design Intelligence Award “Life Wisdom” Category. Honorable Mention Prize

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Özgen, C. (2017). Tübitak 2224-A Support was provided within the scope of the ‘Program for Supporting Participation in International Scientific Activities’. 

Dalyanoglu, A. (2014). 7th National Furniture Design Competition, Second Place

Dalyanoglu, A. (2014). 12th National Furniture Design Competition, was entitled to take part in the 2nd Stage.

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Türkmenoğlu Berkan, S. (2011). SOBİAD &TÜRKSAT, “What Will the Future Bring?” Scientific Article Competition, Third Place.  

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Türkmenoğlu Berkan, S. (2009). OAİB National Furniture Design Competition, Balıkçıoğlu Mobilya Special Prize. 

Türkmenoğlu Berkan, S. (2009). OAİB National Furniture Design Competition, Falez Mobilya Mention Prize. 

Türkmenoğlu Berkan, S. (2008). Student WorldStar, First Place. 

Türkmenoğlu Berkan, S. (2008). TAJ Jewellery Design Competition, Encouragement Category, Second Place. 

Türkmenoğlu Berkan, S. (2008). OAİB National Furniture Design Competition, Gentaş Laminant Special Prize. 

Türkmenoğlu Berkan, S. (2008). Uludağ İnegöl Furniture Design Competition, Living Room Category, Second Prize. 

Türkmenoğlu Berkan, S. (2008). Uludağ İnegöl Furniture Design Competition, Bedroom Category, Third Prize. 

Türkmenoğlu Berkan, S. (2008). Packaging Design National Student Competition, Mention Prize. 

Türkmenoğlu Berkan, S. (2008). MOSDER National Furniture Design Competition, Couch Category, First Prize. 

Türkmenoğlu Berkan, S. (2008). MOSDER National Furniture Design Competition, Teen Room Category, Mention Prize. 

Taştan, N. (2008) Tekfen Holding Toros Tarım, Growtech Eurasia Agriculture Fair Stand Design Competition, 1st Prize.

Türkmenoğlu Berkan, S. (2007). Incheon Design Competition, Special Prize. 

Türkmenoğlu Berkan, S. (2007). Incheon Design Competition, Special Prize. 

Türkmenoğlu Berkan, S. (2007). Antalya Souvenir Design Competition, Mention Prize. 

Türkmenoğlu Berkan, S. (2006). Recycling İstanbul 2006 Design Competition, Second Prize. 

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Türkmenoğlu Berkan, S. (2006). Trabzon Municipality National Souvenir Design Competition, Mention Prize. 

Taştan, N. (2005) BOSCH  1.Toy Design Competition, “İçindeki Çocuğu Uyandır”, 3rd Prize.

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