Internal Audit Division

Law No. 5018 on Public Financial Management and Control stipulates the establishment of internal audit activities within public financial management administrations, reporting directly to the senior manager. 

Internal audit is an independent, objective assurance and consultancy activity performed to assess and provide guidance on whether resources are managed in accordance with the principles of economy, effectiveness and efficiency in order to add value to and improve the operations of the public administration. This activity is carried out with a systematic, continuous and disciplined approach and in accordance with generally accepted standards in order to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the management, control and risk management processes of the administrations. Internal audit is performed by internal auditors. 

In accordance with Law No. 5018, 2 internal auditors were appointed from 3 internal auditor positions allocated to our University.


To evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the risk management, governance and control processes of our university under the commitment of continuous improvement and to help the top management fulfil its accountability responsibility and realise corporate goals

To carry out effective and efficient internal audit activities in accordance with international standards and professional ethics rules, under the commitment of continuous improvement, in a way to add maximum value to the services of the organisation.


Click here for the Internal Audit Unit Directive.


Duties of the Internal Audit Unit

  • To prepare and develop internal audit plans and programmes based on risk analyses and submit them to the approval of the senior manager,  
  • To ensure the implementation of the approved audit plans and programmes, to carry out audit and consultancy activities, to perform extra-programme tasks requested by the senior manager and falling within the field of duty, 
  • To assess the effectiveness and adequacy of the University's risk management, internal control and governance processes, 
  • To submit to the information of the senior manager the issues identified during the internal audit activities or transferred to the internal audit unit that need to be examined or investigated, 
  • To monitor the results of internal audit activities, 
  • Establishing, implementing and improving a quality assurance and development programme to evaluate internal audit activities, to conduct them in accordance with public internal audit standards and professional ethics rules, and to improve internal audit activities, 
  • To present the results of the evaluation made within the framework of the quality assurance and development programme to the senior manager, 
  • To prepare and submit the annual internal audit activity report to the senior manager, 
  • To establish the internal auditor staff with the knowledge, skills, experience and professional competence to effectively fulfil the duties of the internal audit unit in accordance with the human resources policies of the Institute and to carry out the necessary procedures for this purpose, 
  • To prepare and develop the internal audit unit directive and transaction processes in accordance with the Board's regulations, 
  • Providing information to the senior management periodically on the results of internal audit activities and informing them on developments in the field of internal audit and best international practices, 
  • To check the audit reports for compliance with the reporting standards and the procedures and principles determined and to keep a copy in the internal audit unit, 
  • To carry out other transactions related to internal audit activities.














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