Policies and Objectives

Institutional Policies

Gebze Technical University's policies are as follows:

  • Increase scientific efficiency and productivity with continuous improvement and systematic performance evaluation, 
  • Support and provide infrastructure for education, applied research and R&D activities to undertake an active role in state-university-industry collaboration, 
  • Become a university that supports and pioneers the social development of its region and that has social responsibility and environmental awareness, 
  • Attract successful and highly accomplished academics that shape the development of science with their scientific activities worldwide and provide resources and facilites for their research activities, 
  • Produce alumni who are high value added individuals and provide the necessary means for them to strengthen their ties with the institution following graduation, 
  • Support the sports and arts activities within student clubs to contribute to the social and personal development of students and increase the brand value of the university with the clubs' achievements,  
  • Support equal opportunities for education and accordingly improve the national and international scholarship and resource opportunities,
  • Adopt participatory administration and freedom of expression to produce solutions for possible problems. 

Gebze Technical University's quality policies:

  • Comply with relevant laws, regulations and standards,
  • Increase student and staff satisfaction and qualifications,
  • Develop actions to meet external stakeholders' expectations, 
  • Provide fast and solution-oriented service,
  • Adapt to technological developments, 
  • Pioneer research and development, 
  • Continuously improve all its processes. 

Gebze Technical University's objectives in brief:

  • Protect and continuously improve the mission of becoming a pioneer in the academic field, 
  • Continuously improve the quality of teaching and education to become a preferred institution, 
  • Improve the institutionalization process with the modern systems it establishes, 
  • Ensure the sustainability and development of state-university-industry collaboration in a participatory way, 
  • To become the most nature-friendly campus around Turkey. 

Click here for Gebze Technical University's Strategic Plan for 2017-2021

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