Our Logo and Its Story

Main Concept:

Over the course of history, butterflies have always been the symbol of change and transformation. Also, starting off on their journey as a caterpillar in the soil and moving on to the sky, butterflies also represent the rise of science, the heart and the soul, and wisdom.  

Complementary Concept:

Butterflies today represent reaching its own destination through brainstorming, under the effect of what is called "the butterfly effect". Brainstorming templates are integrated ideas gathered around a butterfly-shaped target. And this represents problem solving skills, challenge and success.

Regional Factors:

There are 76 different species of butterflies living in the natural habitat of Gebze. For our institution, which is located in this region of such diversity, it has been thought that a butterfly is the right symbol. 

Symbols on the Wings of the Butterfly:

The symbols on the wings of the butterfly in our logo represents the possible impact of our education on an individual, how the knowledge acquired would change the individual, and also the elegance of the butterfly.


Dark Blue: Represents dignity, stability, power and authority. 

Yellow: As the color of the youth, yellow represents intelligence capacity, delicacy, practicality, rising energy, intellect, and mindfulness.

Red: Represents dynamism, determination, determinedness and happiness. 


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